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Kokumaru Japanese Curry Made (Very) Easy : My 3 Ingredient Beef and Spinach Curry

Japanese Curry can be a really comforting dish at home. I really sometimes crave for it especially on a rather cold and rainy day. Well, if you are a curry lover like myself, the best news is that for busy people especially mommas who do not have time to make a curry sauce from scratch, there is KOKUMARU CURRY. It's fast, easy and very convenient to make. Let me run you down the quick process of making it.  I made a special Beef and Spinach Curry but you are welcome to experiment on a mixture of your favorite meat or veggies. Inside the box you will find two packets of the curry roux.  It comes with 2 packs. I only used one for this recipe. Here are the ingredients I used, 2 medium sized onions 500 g of Sliced Beef 250 g of fresh spinach 1 pack of KOKUMARU pack 2.5 cups of water 4 Easy Peasy Steps: 1. Saute Onions until they are soft and slightly brown 2. Mix in the meat of your choice and veggies (in my case it's thin beef slices a

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