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Kokumaru Japanese Curry Made (Very) Easy : My 3 Ingredient Beef and Spinach Curry

Japanese Curry can be a really comforting dish at home. I really sometimes crave for it especially on a rather cold and rainy day. Well, if you are a curry lover like myself, the best news is that for busy people especially mommas who do not have time to make a curry sauce from scratch, there is KOKUMARU CURRY. It's fast, easy and very convenient to make. Let me run you down the quick process of making it. 
I made a special Beef and Spinach Curry but you are welcome to experiment on a mixture of your favorite meat or veggies.

Inside the box you will find two packets of the curry roux. 
It comes with 2 packs. I only used one for this recipe.

Here are the ingredients I used,

2 medium sized onions
500 g of Sliced Beef
250 g of fresh spinach
1 pack of KOKUMARU pack
2.5 cups of water

4 Easy Peasy Steps:

1. Saute Onions until they are soft and slightly brown
2. Mix in the meat of your choice and veggies (in my case it's thin beef slices and some organic spinach)
3. Turn of the heat…

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