Divinely Awesome Dessert Du Jour's Gateau de Crepes

24 more days before Christmas! Can you believe it? This year sure went by like a breeze. Phew! It will be a very hectic and eventful month for all and so for the first half of december, I will be featuring some of my favorite Christmas ideas/gifts you can check out to help you with your Christmas list. Sounds good?

What better way to start my favorite month of the year than by featuring a delightfully unique homemade GATEAU DE CREPES by Mara de la Rama-Poblete. I have always been in love with crepes. It's something I would crave for as a dessert, breakfast dish or even any time of the day (savory ones) and so layers of crepes with creme in between is a sure winner in my book! Master pastry chef Mara who happens to be my colleague from FCI New York makes them extra special.

Mara's well-curated Gateau de Crepes : Le Petite Vanilla
(9" round - good for 8-10 pax)
Php 950.00

It's a mille (french for "a thousand" implying the many layers) crepe cake which is a decadent classic French cake consisting of about 20 or so layers of wisp paper thin crepes each separated and meticulously brushed with a light vanilla pastry cream in between. I love that it just has the right amount of sweetness.  So much love and work put into this special cake that will make you enjoy it even more. 

Good things come in Pink Boxes, they certainly do. I bought this cake with me yesterday at our family brunch and we each thoroughly enjoyed and savoured each bite . What a joy! *happy dance*

I also got to sample her renowned Belgian Brownie Bites that comes in this nice dainty tin can. It's one of her Christmas bestsellers as well.

Elegant and classy packaging which makes it a perfect gift!

Belgian Brownie Bites
A dozen  packed in a nice tin can with ribbon and gift tag
Php 250.00 

These glories bite size brownie bites are luxuriously rich, soft and moist with the perfect marriage of sweet and bitter. My kids went straight to chocolate heaven (and became extra extra energetic too!) Hahaha! All good though... all in the spirit of the holidays :)

Here are her other products you might want to sample;

For Orders :
Contact Numbers : (02) 405 2580 / (0917) 811 6272  / (0917) 803 6272 
Facebook Page : Dessert Du Jour

Life is sweet,


Homemade Toothpaste : 3 Simple Ingredients

I am in a constant quest to make and use all-natural and organic products at home and one recent discovery and experiment was HOMEMADE TOOTHPASTE using only 3 ingredients. Now you may ask? What is wrong with our commercial toothpaste? Well based on my readings, a lot of them use ingredients that may often do more harm than good such as saacharin and SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate). And therefore, I took it upon myself to find a safer alternative. I found an interesting recipe  and decided to try it out. I researched  and rummaged through numerous on recipes  online (mostly wellness blogs) and eventually came out with my own! My sister Addis is a dentist and I consulted her on this. Her main thought was that I will still need the flouride to protect the teeth and so I've decided to first try to alternate the regular toothpaste and this homemade one but in the long run transition into just using this one. I will update you once I get my teeth checked again. So here it is...

You will need these 3 things which probably are already in your kitchen : 

Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

 Peppermint Essential Oil (I swear by Young Living, you can message me if you'd like to order!)

 Baking Soda

Now you ready to make your paste.  You simply have to mix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda then add in  a few drops of peppermint essential oil to taste. And tada! Toothpaste! It may seem a little weird and salty when you first try it but after a while you'll get used to it! I alternate it now with our regular toothpaste to make sure I still get some flouride for added protection against cavities. 

This toothpaste is a great follow up to oil pulling (read my separate post on that). Both oil pulling and a natural toothpaste like this one, in addition to flossing, can keep your teeth clean and healthy. With a proper diet that supports the necessary minerals for re-mineralization of teeth, I believe teeth can be healthier and yes whiter. From what I understand, yellow teeth can be the result of reduced/demineralized enamel that allows the dentin beneath to show through. By strengthening that enamel through re-mineralization, teeth are not only healthier and free of cavities but also naturally whiter. (SOURCE :  http://www.keeperofthehome.org/)

Live simply and choose wellness,


Mrs Yam's : Sinfully Good Quezo de Bola Muffins

Last weekend, I organized a mini batch reunion for my High School batch to celebrate our 15th year. I missed the 10th year celebration last 2009 because I was still based in New York that time so I wanted to gather whoever I can this year and catch up. One of the great things about reconnecting with old friends is to discover their talents and passions after so many years. For instance, one of my batchmates Alex Ortigas-Yam who unfortunately didn't make it to our lunch but sent over her homemade treats namely muffins and cookies for us to sample. I remember Alex as our batch model because she literally looked like a doll when we were younger and she graced magazine covers and commercials during our time. And who knew? She is an awesome homebaker as well!

Biased aside, her bestseller "Quezo de Bola" muffins are absolutely UH-MA-ZING! They are soft and moist , sinks to your teeth kind of muffin. The combination of the the generous queso de bola sprinkled on top mixed with the sweetness of the muffin are a perfect marriage. Who would have thought? The richness buttery ensaymada taste in a moist but slightly dense muffin = genius!

Quezo de Bola Muffins 
Mini - Php 380.00 / dozen
Regular Php 500.00 / dozen

Trust me it is worth it! This will make a perfect gift  this Christmas!

She also offers other products like Rhum Muffins,  Chocolate Cookies and more. For orders please contact 0906-540-8208.

Happy hump day everybody,


BUCKY'S : Better Than Your Usual Brownies

Let me first tell you what Bucky's is NOT : it is NOT a BROWNIE. Let me just make that clear because they make a lot of emphasis to recapitulate this point. So the biggest question is, "What IS IT? This is one tricky question and master baker Miguel Vargas, the genius behind it, wittingly describes it as a cross between a flourless chocolate cake and a fudge brownie. 

Let me quote, " ...If a flourless chocolate cake and a fudge brownie made some babies, it would be called a bucky." 

Good things come in simple packages : Each Bucky comes in this brown box tied with a colored string (I assume this red and green strings are for the coming Chritsmas season!) complete with a sticker of what is inside and when it was baked to ensure freshness.  Each box comes with two - 6 cm x 18 cm x 4.5 cm slabs of chocolate.

 The baked goods come all wrapped up in paper and this locally made wooden spatula made from Baler which is used to eat and divide the luscious slab.

I sampled three different variants : The Original, Buckies and Cream and Super Buckies.

Chocolate + Seasalt
Php 300.00 / box
Bucky's at its purest form: immensely rich dark massive slab of chocolate sprinkled with coarse sea salt crystals on top. The wondrous dance of 2 contrasting flavors "sweet and salty" certainly creates an enchanting tango in the mouth. There is that evident taste of dark rich cacao giving it that slightly bittersweet after taste which I prefer over just plain sweet flavor. These luscious slabs spent just the right amount of time in the oven to rise and bake producing that nice gooey and fudgy (but not cake-y) texture that makes it deliciously chewy. One bite will surely lead to another and another and another. Highly addicting (beware!).

Php 400.00 / box
They call it Oreo on steroids! Now how can you go wrong with that? Layers of sweet cream filling in between the chocolate slabs. A tad bit too sweet for my taste but my kids enjoyed this the most (probably because they've had a long time love affair with Oreos!). They licked the cream with the chocolate with so much gusto on each bite!

Gluten free flour + Coconut Sugar + Chia Seeds 
Php 600.00 / box
Last but certainly not the least is this. Make way for SUUUUPER BUCKIES!This version is the healhier and less guilty one (it's paleo approved as well!). A little heavier and a bit more dense and compact than the other two. It's made with chia seeds, gluten free and coconut sugar. Ingredients that are music to the ears of yogis, health and wellness enthusiast or anything who is watching their weight but still know how to live a sweet life! As for me, they had me at chia because these super seeds are a big part of my daily intake. I have to admit it really is a brownie SUPERFIED! 

Note : Best enjoyed within a week after delivery & kept refrigerated to ensure freshness.

I suggest you keep this information handy especially this holiday season or heck any time of the year (who am I kidding?).

Bucky's Pricelist:

*GP - Gift Pack

1. Original buckies (chocolate x salt)- Php 350.00 /box GP : Php 270.00

2. Spiced buckies  original x cayenne x pepper x cinnamon) - P350.00 /box  GP : Php 270.00

3.Chunky Blonde buckies (oats x graham x cocoa liquor) - Php 400.00 /box GP :  Php 300.00

4. Buckies n' cream (Bucky's version of an Oreo) - P400.00 /box  GP : Php 300.00

5. Super buckies (gluten-free flour x coconut sugar x chia seeds) - Php 600.00/box 

GP : Php 400.00

6. Big Poppa buckies (cream chees x bourbon x bacon) P600.00 /box    GP : Php 400.00

7. Coco Loco Goji (chocolate x coconut butter x coconut sugar x goji berries) 

gluten-free dairy-free P650.00 /box   GP : Php 430.00

8. Grumpy's (chocolate x chocnut) Php 450.00/box     GP : Php 330.00

9. The Redhead (chocolate x ginger) Php 400.00 /box    GP : Php 300.00

10. Bugs Buckies (Bucky's version of a carrot cake) Php 450.00 /box    GP : Php 330.00

11. Yana Banana (Banana x Walnut x Rhum)  Php 600.00/box GP : Php 400.00

Mobile : 09178445104
Instagram : buckysnotabrownie
Facebook: www/facebook.com/buckysnotabrownie
Twitter: buckybuckies
Tumblr: buckysnotabrownie
Email : miguel@buckysnotabrownie.com

Life is sweet,



Tayo Na Sa Antipolo Part 4 : Pasalubongs and More

Officially my last post on Antipolo for this year. Here are a few other notable things you can do/find there:

1. Visit Antipolo Church
Devotees, tourists and locals alike frequent the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish, more commonly known as Antipolo Church. Back in the early Spanish Colonial era, the statue made eight voyages from Mexico to Manila, sailing the Pacific aboard the galleons, thus, being called the “Patroness of the Galleons” I remember that my family would visit this Church before leaving for a long trip to pray to the statue for a safe journey. Similarly, people would also bring their newly purchased vehicles there to be blessed and for the Patroness to always keep the passengers safe from any harm or accident.

2. Suman
You will find a myriad of vendors all over the Church and the streets of the Highway selling  sell a  suman (glutinous rice). Antipolo is known for the one made with white sticky rice that's slightly sweet. I bought a kilo from Crescent Moon cafe of the black suman for Php 400.00 (made with black rice so it's a healthier version) and enjoyed it with a sweet ripe mango for breakfast last week.

3. Kasoy (Cashew)

One cannot leave Antipolo without  taking home their signature Cashew/Kasoy nuts. Just like the suman, there are a lot of vendors selling this outside the Church. My friend Dianne gave me a tip and told me NOT to buy outside the Church because they sell it at a premium. She directed me to an area along Sumulong Highway where they have stalls lined up with vendors selling fruits, suman and cashew. She willingly shared her "suki" (trusted supplier) of cashew nuts named Perly, a very gentle old lady, who gave the most reasonable price of Php 450.00 per kilo as opposed to the rest who selling it at Php 500+ per kilo. Thanks for the tip, D! ;)'

4. Yoga with Dianne
Yoga with D! 

Being true to my passion and mission to spread the yoga love everywhere, I am promoting yoga even as far as Antipolo. As mentioned in the previous blogs post on the topic "Tayo Na Sa Antipolo", I met up with my dear friend and co-yoga instructor Dianne who I met and had a deep bond with in our Ashtanga teacher training because we shared the same nemesis (backbends! hahaha but are both trying to work extra hard on it! For those living the area, please do check out here website : Yoga with Dianne for her classes and schedules! Namaste!

Happy Monday folks,