MOMMY TIPS : 5 Tips to Throwing a DIY Party

I absolutely love arts and crafts and  working with my hands ever since I was a kid. And I went to a school that honed this passion. Being a momma of two now, I am constantly challenged to hone my crafty side. My daughter Sofia turned 7 last week and I likewised celebrated my 7th year of  creating her DIY parties. Aside from practical reasons (#tipidtips) , I really enjoy creating themes and making activities that I feel kids will enjoy. 

Through the years, she's had different parties, all small but intimate and focused on details and the little things. We gave her a Shabby Chic Tea Party in Cintai for her 1st birthday with all decors and favors made by hand (my favorites were the invitations I designed with a handsewn flower ribbon made from fabrics and buttons and the assorted fabric backdrop with a clothesline of her baby pictures). 

And through the years, she's had...

... A Vintage Luau Party where we had pineapples as decors, vegetarian food because it fell on the Good Friday (yikes!) and played the 50 First Dates Soundtrack the whole time.

...An Indian-Boho Party also at the beach with her cousins with a "(sticker) tattoo station" with her Dada as the tattoo "artist" and handmade teepees made of BBQ sticks and yarn.

... A Spring Party last year where her Ninang Addie made lovely flower cupcakes for everyone to take home.

And this year is BIG since she turned SEVEN.

 I gave in to her request to have another SHABBY CHIC TEA PARTY with her closest friends and cousins. 


1. Set a Budget.
One of benefits of throwing a DIY party is that you have so much more control of the budget. Set your budget and really make an effort to stick to it. After setting the budget, you then decide which one you want to prioritize.. for some it's the venue, others is food and some are the games and giveaways. Usually my top priority is FOOD because I am a chef myself so I want to make sure that I choose a nice and filling spread and my least is the GAMES & GIVEAWAYS because I usually end up being the party host so I make it really simple.

Easy Giveaway Idea - make a simple SWEET TAKEAWAY STATION where they get to choose what they want to bring home. All you need are some mason jars (feel free to use the ones you already have!) ,  paper bags which I personalized by putting a Thank You sticker on and some treats (candies, wafers, etc.).  It's always a hit!

2. Focus on a Theme. 
Pegs will save the day. I get a lot of ideas through different websites, pinterest and other mommy blogs out there. I put a folder in my computer and brainstorm with my kids on what they want during their party. Here are some of the pegs I used for the Sofia's SHABBY CHIC TEA PARTY.

3. It's About the Small Details. Personalize as much as you can. 

This is where my "OC-ness"comes to play. I want to work on small details to add more character to the party. For Sofia's 7th Tea Party, I wanted to focus on the table setting and personalizing it for each of her girlfriend.

Each space had a name card, the party activity sheet and their customized hand-sewn fascinators plus small treats (Popcorn, Strawberry pretzels and lots of Iced Gems) to keep them happy all throughout.

I also put different Trivia Cards to serve as Table Numbers. This way the guests can also learn a unique thing or two about the celebrant. 

4. Involve Family and Friends.
Don't be afraid to ask help. You cannot do it all. One of the things that make our DIY parties a huge success it that I involve other people to help me out. I am no superwoman! I mostly get my family to help out or contribute something to the party. Their time and effort becomes their gift to the celebrant.
For instance, my sister who is a dentist-turned-baker always makes her cupcakes and birthday cake. She runs Addie's Pasteleria.
I am most definitely biased but really she makes the most beautiful and yummiest buttercream cakes and cupcakes EVER EVER. Oh it that's not your thing, you can also her Strawberry Shortcakes and Mango Sansrival.  Click Here to check out her page and how to order.

My cousin who happens to be Sofia's Ninang as well, created the main giveaway. She carefully customized unique fascinators (headpieces) for each of Sofia's (girl) guests.

How gorgeous and elegant are these pieces, right? It makes you want to be a little girl again. Interested in handmade clothes and accessories? I highly recommend my cousin who creates beautiful pieces. Contact Here's To The Kids Manila  for deets.

5. Activity Stations instead of Party Games. 
My daughter specifically requested that she did NOT want a party host. Her reason? She didn't want a "stranger" facilitating the games. I honestly don't know why she thinks this way. So she asked that I host the activities. Who can say no to this face, right?

To make my life easier, I decided to just make activities instead of purely party games. I wanted to keep their hands and minds busy with very minimal supervision because I knew I had to be also going around and checking our our guests.

I made an outline of things they get to do all throughout the party. After they took their "tea" and meals, I had them make their own bracelets. This was a total hit. This was a Peppa Pig Princess Bracelet making kit given to Sofia that she barely used. Each girl made her own bracelet and got to take it home.

They also got to color and decorate their own teacups which we used for a "Pin the Teacup" Game afterwards.

I used a Manila Paper and places some doily papers to act as the mini plates where they are suppose to stick their teacups on. It you are successful in pinning yours in the center, you get a prize!

Another mini game was "Guess How Many?". I asked all the kids to try to guess how much iced gems were inside the bottle. The kid who makes the closest guess wins the whole bottle.

The smiles on their faces are my measure of SUCCESS. The girls (and boys) had enjoyed Sofia's little par-TEA!

Parties need not be so extravagant. I personally like throwing intimate, well-thought and highly personlized parties which create lasting memories. Parties made and done with LOVE are the BEST ONES. Another year, another party done. Packing my scissors, glue and colored paper for now...

Comment below and tag me on your own unique kiddie parties in IG @sliceofpattie.

Photos by : Alette Lanipao of Photobombed


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