Enchanted Kingdom Revisited : The Magic Lives On

Do you remember the last time you visited Enchanted Kingdom? Believe it or not, the last time I really went around the park was when I was in High School (ummm please don’t ask what year that was! LOL). I went there with my family a couple of times and also my HS girlfriends, mostly to make “pa-cute” to boys. 

Kidding aside, the parked opened its doors 22 years ago and yesterday, I got to experience the MAGIC of the park again but this time with my little ones. (cue music *Everyday, Everyday, the Magic is here...* if you sang that in your head, ang tanda mo na.  

We spent an awesome Sunday with the whole family and mommy friends. It started out with a special family lunch where we met all the EK characters, learned a bit of history about the theme park and got to meet the founders of EK, The Mamon Family.

We were given mommy treats and the EK Magic Card which is an annual pass to the park! Woohoo!!!

After the meal, we were ready to roam the park grounds. It felt like walking down memory lane as I strolled past the classics which are still there...Rialto, Anchor’s Away, Space Shuttle and others. Henri and Sofia also tried their luck on the games and won themselves some prizes.

Sofia was happy about her Pink Sloth from the fishing game even if it's not shown here. 

The HIGHLIGHT was really trying out their newest attraction called “AGILA : The Experience”. It’s the first of it’s kind in Southeast Asia. Picture this : High ceiling, 9-storey, glass structure with  a 2,000 square meter park footprint, making it the single largest flying theatre in the world. Yes jaw drop, WOW. 

It’s called AGILA because it simulates the flight of an eagle and makes you soar across the beautiful and exciting spots in our country complete with a sensory experience (mist, winds, shakes and scents). I don’t want to give away anymore deets because you HAVE TO experience it yourself. Trust me that after the ride, you will feel so damn proud that you are FILIPINO. It sparked that flame in me and I honestly got so nationalistic and emo (I may be mababaw because I cry at almost anything but this really got to me). 

Aaaand there’s MORE, the ride is also an advocacy to help our endangered Philippine eagles. Part of the proceeds of the ride goes to PEF (Philippine Eagle Foundation). So this can be your small step into saving our national birds. 

Thank you Enchanted Kingdom for this Mother’s Day treat and letting us experience the MAGIC of the park once again. It was truly an amazing day. Henri and Sofia are already asking me when we can go back.

Just curious, what is your favorite EK memory? Share away please, I’d love to know...

Stay magical,


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