A "Chocolate-ty" Find : Royce Nama Chocolates

This will be short but definitely SWEET. My cousin Alex who is based in Singapore recently arrived for vacation. And she brought home ROYCE chocolates for all of us (actually one bag per family!). Royce is a brand of Japanese chocolates which rivals the likes of Godiva. It's smooth, rich and surprisingly light. 1 Knowing how meticulous the Japanese are, the perfectly shaped milk chocolates with champagne came in an intricately...make that obsessively wrapped paper box further sealed in a silver bubblewrap-like packaging with a cooling gel pack inside. There's a tiny note recommending that it be stored below 10 degrees. So the whole packaging ensures that the chocolates stay fresh and at its best from the store up to wherever you will indulge in it! Inside the box, you will also find a mini plastic scooper which somehow imposes that the chocolate be taken and savored little by little and not consumed in chunks. The box within a silver packaging is neatly placed inside a white and gold plastic bag sealed with a classy golden ribbon which gives it the superior and snooty look.

As for the actual experience...it was magical! Each square is generously dusted with cocoa powder and as you bite into the smooth chocloate, it will melt on your mouth like silk. Hmmm....Each tiny bite was a piece of heaven! We still have a few pieces left...care to try?

Unfortunately, Royce’ isn’t available in Manila, so addicts get their fix from nearby Singapore and Hong Kong, and of course Japan. Thanks Alex for the wonderful treat! Until the next time! Pasalubong

1 taken from a Royce choco addict - makansakan.com


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