Abe: Campampangan Fusion at Serendra

I recently had a lunch with a close friend from High School whom I haven't seen in ages. It was a long overdue date! I was so glad it finally pushed through. We chose Serendra (since I have a mission to try out all the restos there!) and ended up in Abe. "Abe" is a Capampangan word for friend/companion and true to its name, they served fusion Capampangan cuisine. It was a Saturday and the place was packed mostly families and big groups. Fortunately, there was small table available and we didn't have to wait. Their menu offered a plethora of Filipino dishes and specialties. ordered Mutton Adobo with Popped Garlic and Calamares en su Tinta. The mutton dish was a sweet-style adobo meal with a kick! It had pieces of Siling Labuyo and tons of crisp garlic and whole peppercorns on top. The other viand we got was fresh squid sauted in olive oil and its own ink. A new version of Adobong pusit on the sweet side! Two different types of adobo (which a classic Filipino dish with Spanish origin) taken to the next level. Tasty meals which we coupled with the staple white rice and Kamias juice (sourness will make you smirk!) on the side. A fusion of flavors, tastes and textures!


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