Gullivers of San Francisco : Calling All Steak Lovers!

My family chanced upon a great find in the midst of bustling Makati Avenue. Gulliver's of San Francisco is a classic American restaurant (according to my dad, it's been there for almost 10 years! I just don't know how accurate this is!) located inside Great Eastern Hotel. Gulliver's of San Francisco has an enchanting ambiance of a cruise ship... dim lighting, victorian interiors, and the works. Plus it has a magnificent view of Makati which makes adds to its ambiance and makes it ideal for an intimate date ;) wink! 

We ordered their appetizer sampler for starters composed of crunchy duck confit, shrimp fritters and calamares served with a zesty cocktail sauce. No one ordered salad/soup anymore because we all wanted to make sure we had ample room for the PRIME RIB which is ofcourse the specialty of the house. You can choose from various cuts and have it cooked to your desired doneness. I tried the Gulliver's cut which is quite thick and cooked medium rare - no more, no less! My carnivorous side was strong that night and I was really craving for red meat so I was extra excited. And I was not disappointed at all! The meat was succulent, rosy, tender and cooked just right. Upon serving, they smothered it with deglazed drippings called au jus to keep it juicy. I enjoyed it even without the gravy or horseradish. The course also came with baked potato with sourcream, a light muffin and blanched spinach. The serving size was pretty huge for its reasonable price. Definitely a place I would recommend for hardcore steak lovers. 


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