Have a Break, Have a WASABI KITKAT?

My cousin Maan recently came from Japan and brought me some weird and unusual Kitkat regional flavors. Sharing with you these flavors which I'm sure a lot of you have yet to try...

 People have been raving about these two popular Japanese flavors; Green Tea and Wasabi. I finally got to try them and I must say that the green tea one is absolutely addicting (well maybe I'm a little biased because I really love green tea!). Meantime, the wasabi one is very subtle...it's white chocolate wafers with a slight hint of that peppery wasabi.

Take your pick... the flavors range from cheese to sweet potato to Soy Sauce..yup! Shoyu Soy Sauce which tasted more like salty caramel.

Take a break and have a crazy-flavored Kitkat :)


wamjam said…
I wanna try all of them!!! See you at your wedding :-)
Sweet potato sounds great!

not sure about the soy sauce flavor though!


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