Chatime : A Tealicious Experience

It feels like dejavu that I am writing (again!) about my "drink rave" just before my due date. It's been almost two years since that "Vivi Bubble Tea" entry I did where I featured my top Milk Tea place in Chinatown, NY. And now, with about a week or so to go with this 2nd pregnancy, I still have that same "lihi"/craving. 

Our couple friends Mike/Koa (as he is fondly called) and Lisa opened their flagship CHATIME Place about 2 weeks ago at Pioneer Center. the moment I found out that it was open, I dragged my brother Philippe. And talk about right timing, we came there around 1 pm and their "Buy 1, Take 1 Opening Promo" was on-going :) So we ordered 2 drinks and came out there with 4! 

Their drink list/menu is quite extensive so I had to ask Lisa to give her recommendations on their best-selling drinks. We ended up with getting Taro Milk Tea and Chatime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. With the promo, we were given 2 free Pearl Milk Teas! What a treat - I'm a real sucker for freebies! Hahaha!

The Taro Milk Tea is not the common Taro drink where you clearly taste the artificial taro mix. It's a bit heavy and thick but for Taro lovers, it's the real thing. I'm not a huge fan of grass jelly but the roasted milk tea was quite nice. I won't say I'd choose it over my all-time favorite Plain Milk Tea but I would order it sporadically. Patently, the Pearl Milk Tea iced and just 50% sugar level still remains to be my favorite 

This was their Grand Opening Offering : Buy 1, Take 1 from April 4-15 between 12-2 pm!

The place was actually packed when we arrived which wasn't really surprising because the "promo" was on-going so everyone wanted to take advantage. 

Chatime Pioneer Center is not just your usual Milk Tea Stall because it has a modish lounge at the second floor where you can relax and chill-out while enjoying your tea. The white and clean walls combined with purple-fuschia interiors and vibrant yellow,black and fuschia tiles for accent gives it a very posh look. And with some cool tunes and laid back vibe, what more can you ask for? This Tea Lounge is perfect for someone like me who would choose a nice conversation over a cup of milk tea anytime rather than chugging a beer in a rockin and smoky club. That's the manang in me! ;)

I'm excited for their food menu that they will soon offer. For now, we will continue to be loyal customers of this Tealicious place :) 

Chatime Pioneer Center
Pionner St. cor. United,
Pasig, Kapitolyo
(Parking inside Pioneer is FREE btw!) 


SW said…
may i know the exact location of the Chatime in Chinatown, New York?
i♥pinkc00kies said…
my picks-- taro red bean milk tea & Taiwan Mango QQ :D

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