Bonchon: It's Never Complete Without the Blue Cheese

We found ourselves (Joel, Migo and I) at BonChon Greenbelt once again yesterday for lunch after a long time. I remember there was a time when we were still living in New York days when we would eat in BonChon every weekend because Joel just never got tired of it. It's not surprising that when BonChon finally opened their first branch here (Ayala Triangle), we were literally the first customers! Hahaha! I know I blogged about that before. However, one very important thing is lacking in the BonChon here. They don't serve BLUE CHEESE SAUCE! Joel and I agree that it's not the same without it! And so when we went to get our chicken fix yesterday, we went an extra mile and brought our  own SAUCE! We literally made the sauce right there... 

2 Large orders of chicken (soy and spicy) - 24 pieces total for the 3 of us! 

 You know we're hardcore... we brought these with us!

A little messy but well worth it!

For those who share our love for this Korean twice-fried chicken, you should try eating it with Blue Cheese Sauce!

BonChon Chicken
Greenbelt 1, Makati City


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