Mercato Centrale Revisited

I was back again at Mercato today after about three months. I had to take a break from our Soo Jin Korean Tacos because I gave birth. Now that the dust has settled (and I found a reliable yaya!), I have time to do more things besides breastfeeding! hahaha! 

I wanted to find out if there was anything new in Mercato so I dragged my brother Philippe to go with me. We arrived there a little after lunch hoping to find an interesting dessert. All the stalls were familiar and I think there are less concessionaires now. Only one airconditioned tent (versus 2 tents before) is operational now and the open area. Considering it was still peak lunch hour, a lot of tables were empty. Some stalls were even starting to pack up already. Maybe the change of location was a huge factor. Mercato used to be beside Bonifacio High Street until around March I think when it moved to the back of MC Home Depot. The old location was far more accessible and less hassle to go to. With the crowd I saw earlier, Joel and I will have to double think whether or not we should join again and sell our tacos. 

Philippe just decided to get a drink since he was still stuffed from lunch while I treated myself to Merry Moo's Caramel Seasalt Ice-cream; I also tasted their Candied Bacon one...very interesting flavor :)

 Merry Moo Stall

Interesting Artisan Flavors : Caramel Sea Salt, Candied Bacon, Strawberry Basil, etc.  

I decided to try their caramel sea salt (Php 75.00 a cup) because they said it is their bestseller :) It was pretty good... creamy, taste of slightly burnt sugar and salty...yes salty! a good play of sweet and salty :) YUM!

Black Tea with Citrus Mix (Php120.00) - 3 liters

 Angus Beef Tapa (frozen and ready to cook) by my high school
 friend Koyen (Php 550.00 for one kilo). 

Mercato Centrale
34th Street and 8th Ave (near MC Home Depot)
Bonifacio Global City


i♥pinkc00kies said…
Loooove Mochiko!! :) Manila Q's bagwang and Johnny Steams is good too

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