New York Edition : Halal Chicken Rice on 53rd & 6th

After more than a year (actually it's been 13 months to be exact), I am back in the City again! We arrived a little over 9 pm and guess where we went before going home to New Jersey? One of our all-time NY fave eats...the Halal Cart at 53rd and 6th! It's the legendary food cart which stands out amongst all the other numerous carts scattered around the city. People are known to line up to get a taste of this casual fare even at the height of winter. 

We meet again my friend. Oh how we missed you.
Halal Chicken Rice $ 6.00

 This halal meal consists of grilled shredded chicken (white meat) with, cut up lettuce and warm pita, long grain saffron rice and ofcourse the white sauce which makes all the difference. It's ( the magic white sauce) is suuuper addicting to the point that people think they put crack on it. I'm not making this up but I've read it in a couple of online reviews. Anyways, whatever "secret" ingredient it, it's absolutely amazing. We are hooked! 


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