A Well-Deserved Dinner at Masseto

Happy New Year Everyone! I want to begin this year with a bang so I chose to feature something extra special....

Last week, we attended the closing ceremonies and graduation of my hubby Joel from his ME (Masters in Entrepreneurship) Degree. Phew! After 18 arduous months of creating and revising his business plan, he is now a certified Master Entrepreneur... and a true blue Atenista at that! (note: He went to the other school for his undergrad). It was a momentous occasion that called for an extra special dinner. It was a coin toss between Elbert's or this but since we all haven't tried Masseto we decided to go for the new place. We didn't make any reservations thinking it would just be okay to walk-in. They told us that the only space they had was the area by the bar because all the tables were already booked for the whole night. We were just about to turn our backs and try our luck some place else when the Chef and Owner, who happens to be a good friend from New York too, Tippi Tambunting came out of the kitchen. She warmly greeted us and asked if there was something special we were celebrating. We told her it was Jo's graduation and that we really wanted to try her food. I guess she did some magic (rearranged some people  maybe)  and was able to get us a regular table! :) Thank goodness for connections! 

Masseto is actually an Italian Wine which some claim as the Merlot of Excellence. This was the inspiration behind the restaurant. Tippi's partners in this venture are people behind Premium Wine Exchange, a premium wine distributor based in Makati and thus the very extensive selection.  So naturally, we started out with a glass of wine. Joel chose a Cabernet Sauvignon (California). 

When I entered the facade,  the leg of jamon serrano by the bar immediately caught my attention. I knew we were gonna have some of that for starters. We ordered 50 grams to give some excitement to our palates.   Jamon Trevelex 50 grams (Php 490.00)

 Chef/Owner Tippi made us sample the mini chorizo pockets with garlic aioli. So yummy... compliments of the Chef! :)

 I couldn't resist the Tuna Carpaccio (Php 280.00) on the menu! It was delightful... fresh, lemony, light with the wonderful hint of horseradish/wasabi cream and thinly chopped chives!

 Tripe, Lamb Sausage and Bone Marrow Crust (Php 480.00) - ultra rich starter that Jo ordered with different textures playing inside your mouth

 Just what I needed to reset my tastebuds... a tiny ball of watermelon sorbet

 For my main course, I had the Tagliolini (fresh thin egg noodles) with baby squid. It was nothing stellar...oil-based pasta with garlic and baby squid. It was a bit under-seasoned too. (Php 340.00)

 My brother Hip sampled their Tagliolini Bottarga  (Php 560.00) - thin pasta with olive oil and Italian fish roe. He said he wanted to try this because he watched  Anthony Bourdain devour a bottarga pasta dish. Bottarga, sometimes called Mediterranean caviar, is the roe (fish eggs) of tuna or grey mullet that has been salt cured and dried. It imparts a salty, briny flavor to a dish without being too fishy. 

 Justin had the Lamb Rib and Sausage with Couscous and Beans (Php 800.00) which was a bit disappointing. I tried one bite and didn't really taste the lamb. Please excuse the blurry picture. I still really haven't gotten the technique of taking good night shots despite all my efforts :(

Joel had their cream-based crab Tagliolino which was a truly hearty and creamy carbo meal.

Over-all, their starters were great although the main courses we got didn't exactly blow our minds. We spent about Php 6,000 for the 4 of us (so approximately Php 2,000 per person)...pricey if you ask me but because we were celebrating a milestone, I would say it was well worth it! :)

(Look for the Red Square with an M)
114 Valero St., SB Card Bldg.
Makati City, Metro Manila
02-810 3565


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