Take Root : Eat Whole. Eat Clean. Eat Well

I love to "snack" throughout the day and munch on things while driving, after teaching barre3 or yoga or when I'm just chilling and watching TV at home. One of the challenges I face is finding a snack that is both healthy and delicious! I'm so glad that I now have more options for these mid morning and mid afternoon meals... thanks to TAKE ROOT.

They are a whole food, plant-based company providing snacks that make healthy eating easy, accessible and most importantly, delicious. Their products are free of refined sugar and artificial additives, designed to give energy and nourishment to the body in a clean and wholesome way.  The Take Root rules of thumb: organic and raw whenever possible, simple and straightforward ingredients—nothing you can’t pronounce, and 100% enjoyable. 

As you may already know based on my daily posts on IG and blog reviews, Kale happens to be one of my favorite greens. In fact, I recently posted my very simple DIY recipe for plain Kale Chips because a lot of readers were curious about it. Well for those who don’t have the luxury of time to prepare it at home, Take Root's best seller is their KALE CHIPS!

Aside from these green chips, they also offer other healthy and guilt-free products :

Take Root's Favorites

Vegan Cheeze Kale Chips
PHp 170 for small bag / Php 220.00 for large bag

Banana Bread with Flaxseed Granola
Php 110.00 / bag

Take Root's Founders - Monica and Aileen

This was my Sunday breakfast plate yesterday with Take Root's Banana Bread with Flaxseed Granola. I had it with my homemade yogurt, some fruits and our green smoothie! Happy plate = Happy Tummy!

Spread the green love,

Email : takeroot.ph@gmail.com
Instagram : takerootph
Facebook : facebook.com/takerootph
Twitter : takerootph

* They are available now at the Beyond Yoga Studios and other Yoga Studios. 


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