Juicesabel : Vegan Cheeseburger even Kids Will Enjoy

I was on yaya and driver duties basically the whole summer and so after teaching my class a few weeks ago, I decided to take the kids out for lunch. I've been seeing a lot of posts about this place called Juicesabel on my FB page (mostly from the Vegan group I'm part of) and so I decided to try it out that day. Juicesabel is truly  a gem both for Vegans, Trying-to-be Vegans and Non-Vegans. It turned out to be a great post yoga (for me) and post-gymnastics (for my kids) dining place.

The only downside is that it's a bit tricky to get there. It actually took me 3 tries before I found it because it is so easy to miss. This all-vegan cafe is literally under the Kalayaan-Edsa bridge (at the other side of  the Ministop in Kalayaan).  You have to be extra alert!

It's a tiny and cozy joint which sits about 8-10 max with just 2 tables and a mini bar. My kids instantly felt at home in the place as seen in the photo below with S without shoes and her feet up! (Oh Sofia!)

They serve cold-pressed juices with no sugar, no water added and no preservatives which they make daily. I tried their Oh Malunggay : Kale + Malunggay + Apple + Pineapple. Php 150.00

Mac N Cheese
 Php 150.00
We ordered this pasta dish which was their Lunch Special that day. It had chunks of taste veggie "meat" and topped with plant-based cheese! The portion was huge and we even had to take out the leftovers.

Vegan Cheeseburger 
Php 80.00
Their patty is made from carrots and beets and served in a wheat pandesal bun. It actually tasted so close to eating a beef burger or at least I was able to get H to eat it! Hahaha! (sneaky sneaky!)

Little H sampling this burger. His main comment was that it tasted a bit "different". I hope by that he means different in a good way! :)

The owner Isabel (thus the name JuiceSABEL) got so entertained with the energy of these two that she treated them with a creamy cup of vegan coconut ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce! So SWEET of her!

We all enjoyed our quick plant-based and animal-approved lunch in Juicesabel. You can't go wrong with it's reasonable prices, portion size and homey ambiance. See you again Isabel!


3800 Kalayaan Avenue, Baranggay Pinagkaisahan, Makati
090646VEGAN (83426)


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