Yellow Cab's Make Your Own Pizza : You Had Me At Alfalfa...

There is no double that Dear Darla is my absolute favorite flavor in Yellow Cab Pizza. So imagine what a delight it was to make it myself? I was invited over to Yellow Cab Eastwood to join in their "Build Your Own Pizza" activity. I discovered all the ingredients that goes into this uh-mazing flavor (I wish I could tell you though but that's a company secret! hahaha!). 

Complete with apron and hairnet, they welcomed me to their kitchen and let me set up my base dough. Their head chef gave clearcut instructions on what ingredients to use. We had to carefully measured and weighed each ingredient to make sure we maintain the consistency and quality of the flavor. 

Trying to make my perfect Dear Darla Pizza. I wanted to make sure to spread the ingredients as evenly as possible.

Loading my pizza into their magic oven which cooks the pizza in exactly 8 minutes. 

Sporting my citibank Toque, I present to you my very first Yellow Cab Pizza which I prepared.

Pizza topped with Alfalfa and Arugula!!!

Roll it up and Devour.

Apart from this original Dear Darla flavor, Yellow Cab also now offers a new version with Ricotta Cheese and Roasted Garlic. Doesn't that sound equally awesome as well?

And here's a special treat this whole month of August,  CITIBANK cardholders can can get 2 Dear Darla Pizzas for only Php 499.00. For more details of this promo, click here ! Enjoy!

Website : http://www.yellowcabpizza.com/orderonline
Download Menu : http://www.yellowcabpizza.com/orderonline



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