Kasbah Boracay : A Taste of Morocco on the Island

KASBAH has already earned it's place as one of the Must Eats when you're in the Island. It was opened in 2008 by an English couple who fell in love with Morocco and its culture after a memorable trip there. With a few pieces of furniture that they brought back from their trip and an idea of putting up a small restaurant in mind, the couple started the first (and only) Moroccan joint in the island and in country in fact. Since then, they have been consistent in giving diners a unique and fantastic dining experience.

Kasbah is strategically located in Station One and has one the best views of the famous Boracay Sunset. I came over around 4:30-ish to enjoy their Happy Hour and some Mezze (appetizers). 

One can never go wrong with some refreshing Mojitos and Mezze with this view, right?

Sharing with you what we had from sunset to Dinner... Enjoy!

Kasbah Hummus (Php 160.00)
A nice and welvety puree of chickpea combined with cumin, garlic, tahini and harissa

Harissa Chicken Wings (Php 295.00)
Moroccan version of "Spicy Wings" with preserved lemons and harissa dressing
The Harissa-  a paste made of garlic, chillies, olive oil and salt which definitely added a nice fiery kick to the chicken wings. Woot!  

Gambas Marocain (Php 410.00)
Huge Prawns cooked in a garlic chermoula sauce (a classic Moroccan marinade which is a delivious mix of fresh herbs - parsley, cilantro and garlic, earthy spices and preserved lemon to add acidity) served with a small side salad

Seafood Tagine (Php 235.00)
A stew of fish, prawn, squid and mussels in tomato sauce and saffron. You definitely have to order a Tagine when you're here because it is such a classic Moroccan dish. It is a slow-cooked stew made in a special earthenware also called a Tajine. 

Merguez Sausage
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Sausage (Php 450.00)
This was smoky and flavorful but a tad bit dry. I love how the sauce accentuates the sausage though. It was perfect in between bites of the soft pita.

Spaghetti with Meatballs (Php 235.00)
One of their kid-friendly offerings which was a hit with my two little loves. This is their version of the classic Spaghetti and (lamb) meatballs. For a momma like myself,  I really appreciate specialty restaurants that offer kid-friendly meals with a twist! 

Sofia and Henri with the look of satisfaction from their enjoyable Moroccan pasta. Both their plates were wiped out clean.

 I personally loooove Moroccan cuisine because of its incredible diversity, it's a mixture of cultures and nations - Arab, Moorish and Mediterranean influences. It abounds with a contrast of both strong and subtle spices plus intriguing flavor combinations.

KASBAH offers that and so much more.  They host out-of-the-box events such as Baroque Interstellar Recorder Nights, Live Art Sessions and even Circus Acts to give you a truly unique and exotic dining experience. Stephen Lu, Kasbah's really cool manager, notes that "It's not just about the food but the over-all experience". We will surely keep coming back. In fact, we plan to spend our New Year's Eve dinner here in a few days.

'Til then. Cheers to the New Year!

Station 1 Boracay Hway Central, Boracay, Malay, Aklan
*It's right beside Discovery Shores*
Telephone : (036) 288 47 90

Instagram : @kasbahboracay


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