Kasbah, Boracay

This was the only restaurant that was worth blogging about during my recent Boracay trip (ofcourse I do have my personal all-time musts there such as Aria, True Food, Manana, Gastof and believe it or not Dokito Frito not really for their chicken but for their pork sinigang! Yes, because their sinigang broth is thick, extra sour with thinly sliced gabi just the way I like it!).  

During our last night there, our group had to come up with a unified decision of where to have our last dinner. It had to be special and different...somewhere all of us have not tried yet. One of our friends suggested this place called "Kasbah" located near Discovery Shores. Kasbah serves authentic Moroccan cuisine. Not being very familiar with the said cuisine, I asked the server what she could recommend. My friend Rolls and I decided to split their lamb tagine which was one of their specialties. A tagine is a traditional dish named after the special pot in which it's cooked. This pot is made of clay which is often times glazed or painted. It actually has two parts ; a flat circular base and a large cone cover which is placed on top of the base while cooking. This design supposedly promotes the return of condensation to the bottom while cooking. Tangines are actually slow-cooked stews that are braised over low temperature which makes the meat used really tender. Enough trivia and back to Kasbah's food...the lamb tangine was a pleasant surprise. It's actually difficult to explain to explain because it was an explosion of a myriad of flavors altogether. I tried to dissect the medley of ingredients used in the stew... potatoes, dates, raisins, almonds, ground cinnamon, cumin, definitely paprika and a whole lot more....hence the tangy and overly complex distinct taste and flavor! :) I was happy and content with my last full meal in paradise. So next time you find yourself in Boracay, you might want to check out Kasbah!


Anonymous said…
Hi Pattie,
Very pleased to read your review of the Kasbah. I'm the owner and it's always good to get encouraging feedback.

Do you go to Boracay often? If so pop back in and try a selection of Kasbah cocktails on the house.

We've got some big parties and new recipies planned for the season so be sure to say hello on your next visit.

Take care,
Pattie said…
Hi Madonna,

I really enjoyed the food in your place. I actually visit Boracay at least twice a year. In fact, I am going there end of this month. I will definitely stop by Kasbah again! Looking forward to meeting you :)


Boracay Hotels said…
Wow Kasbah restaurant!!!
I heard something about kasbah restaurant in boracay, is it good food and facilities there?

Tanya Gemarin

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