Namaste : Quiet, Laid Back Indian Dinner

On our way back from Cintai Corito's Garden in Batangas last Thursday, we were caught in the C5 traffic so we were lured into just having a quick dinner at the Fort. We initially wanted to check out Burgos Circle because we've only tried 3 restos there but we couldn't find parking (for some reason, it was jam-packed on a Thursday night!). Then we chanced upon this small unassuming Indian place called NAMASTE just passed the string of restos. It was perfect because I was feeling a bit sick and didn't really want to bump into anyone (although our friend Miguel still saw me in my very unglamorous state! gulp!).

The place is rather small and very casual. There was only one table occupied by a foreigner couple when we entered which was perfect for the "I-don't-want-to-see-anyone" mood I was in. Their menu was quite overwhelming considering the size and look of the resto. It was challenging to read through all their offerings from Meat Specialties to purely Vegan and Halal Specials. I was too tired to try to analyze the new things I saw on the list  so I decided to stick to the basics...

 Henri shared the Sweet Lassi (Php 60.00) with me

 Paneer Tika (Fried Homemade Cottage Cheese) - Php 140.00

Vegetable Samosas (1 order had 4 pieces) - Php 100.00 - this came with two dips - tamarind and coriander chutney. I personally enjoy eating samosas with a tamarind...the sourness balances the rather rich and thick potato and pea filling. 

 Mutton Roghan Josh - Php 290.00 - This is another Indian favorite of mine. It's a special delicacy dish made out out of kashmiri curry and a lot of aromatic spices. It tasted very authentic to me (well I say this in comparison to our favorite Indian place very near our apartment in New York before called Dakshin). We figured it was authentic because the people eating there were always locals.

Chicken Tikka Masala - Php 225.00 -Oooh! Another favorite dish... This had just the right amount of spice (I told them to make it mild because based on experience when you say spicy it's really freaking hot... which is too much for preggy me if you know what I mean! hahaha!) 

We had 2 orders of Naan - Php 60.00 x 2  

I don't know if the food was really that good but we wiped out the everything. I think it's also because we haven't had Indian in a long time so having it again ignited that inner carving. Lastly, it brought back memories of our casual no-nonsense Indian lunches/dinners in NY.

Namaste was a good choice that night.

* Namaste is a Hindu salutation or greeting. It's a combination of two words nama and te which literally translates to "to bow"and "you". 

Namaste Indian Cuisine
Unit 1A Kensington Place, 1st Ave. corner 29th St.
Burgos Circle, Crescent Part West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
02 - 403-6088
Open Monday-Sunday, 10 am - 11 pm


Unknown said…
you came from Coritos Garden?? The sister on my Wife is the manager there and the chef there is a good friend of mine! but lately i heard that they got a new cook!

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