Special Anniversary Edition : Toki Japanese Fusion Fine Dining

I don't know if it was stress, my pregnancy hormones or just plain bad memory but I almost forgot our 2nd wedding (Civil) anniversary last Thursday. And to make things even worse... Joel didn't remember either! I realized it mid-day when I wrote down the date on a check I was about to issue. *Sigh* I felt pathetic and sad that we both ALMOST didn't remember. But what's important is that we did! And we wanted to make the most out of the time we had to celebrate. We couldn't think of a particular place to spend our special night so we just literally winged it. 

We both agreed that Makati was our best bet. We passed c5 and ended up passing by the Fort. Then it I just suddenly decided to go with Aubergine when I saw their signage. On our way to Aubergine, we saw this new (well I'm not really sure how long it's been there but since I don't regularly visit this area, I deemed it new) Japanese place called TOKI. 

We quickly browsed through the menu and when we saw the special Chef's course which included Wagyu steak, we were sold.

Joel asked that we be seated in one of their private rooms and they said there's a minimum of Php 3,500.00. And so we computed that if we both get the Chef's Special Menu (Php 1,900 ++ each), we would surely reach it. So right after we were seated they gave us their menu and drink list. 

Joel had Red Wine and I had fresh dalandan slush. We were already set on what to order so we informed our server that we wanted to both try the set menu. He immediately apologized and said that they didn't have any Wagyu on stock so they are NOT offering the Chef's Special Menu! BOOOO! :( He said that          they instructed the hosts outside to already inform the customers upon entering the resto but unfortunately they didn't. Then the manager came in and apologized himself. He said the best thing he can do is let us use the private room without any minimum consumable charge. Not wanting to ruin our night, we let it pass and searched their menu once again...

We ended up ordering these 4 dishes:

Negi Toro Hosomaki  (Chopped Medium Fatty Tuna Belly with Spring Onion Roll) - Php 190.00
Ok fine. I'm guilty! I'm not allowed to eat sashimi but I had a 2 pieces of this - for the price, I believe it's worth it! Toro has always been one of my top sashimi picks.

San Shu 3 Cheese Salad - Php 290.00 - This was pretty interesting. I don't taste any Japanese in it but just the salad with the combination of three strong cheeses was good (they were very generous with the blue cheese!).

Wagyu Tataki (Seared Japanese Beef Dish - Medium Rare) - Php 620.00 - Since they didn't have the Wagyu steaks we had to settle for this...because this was the only Wagyu (thin slices though) item they had. Thank God it was good! The thin slices of Wagyu were cooked medium rare and tasted delicate with just the right amount of fat. It was seasoned with a hint of soysauce, rice vinegar and calamansi then garnished with onions and toasted garlic. Japanese Beef Carpaccio but thicker meat slices. A must-try!

Gomoku Somen (Chilled Thin Noodles topped with Shrimp, Eel, Baked Egg & Vegetables) - Php 320.00 - This was nothing extraordinary. I like the Hiyashi noodles of Shinjuku way better. 

Based on the little research I did,  The Japanese word “TOKI” means “this moment”, connoting a zest for life, an appreciation of the now. This philosophy is what TOKI is all about. TOKI Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining restaurant seeks to bring the most authentic Japanese cuisine to the modern palates of its customers. Using only the best and healthiest ingredients, TOKI aims to showcase a unique Japanese flavor that can cater to contemporary tastes.

OUR VERDICT: 2nd Chance for TOKI

We had a pretty good experience with the place, food (well except that the tasting menu we really wanted to try wasn't available!) and service. Joel and I agreed that it deserves a second chance. We are planning to go back there another time to try our luck again with the Chef's special set menu. Chef Yonekawa (the main man behind Toki), you better not disappoint us next visit! :)

We didn't bother looking at their dessert because we wanted to chill out and spend some quiet time at the Peninsula Lobby while having ice-cream. And that's exactly what we did! It was a lovely ending for a special and almost-forgotten Anniversary Night! :)

Japanese Fusion and Fine Dining
2nd Floor - 32nd & 5th Building
corner 32nd st and 5th Avenue
BGC, Taguig

Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner - Amy Bloom.

Thank you Joel for being my perfect dance partner. Looking forward to dancing and skipping through the rest of my life with you. Happy Anniversary! :)


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