Easter Special : Sofia's 3rd Vintage Luau Celebration

I absolutely love planning parties and entertaining people. I have said this many times over that one career I will consider if given a chance is being a party stylist. And so I really look forward to every year where I get to practice this with the birthday parties of my two little munchkins. Last Friday, my daughter Sofia celebrated her birthday at the beach with family and some friends. I threw her a mini Vintage Luau party with all things DIY as I always do... from handmade cupcake toppers, menu cards and special "abstinence-friendly" (it fell on a Good Friday) menu. Nothing beats intimate celebrations prepared with lots of LOVE. Sharing with you details of her Polynesian Vintage Luau.

The Celebrant : 

The most beautiful little wahine 

Three Years Old 

Location/Setting : Tali, Batangas

Our family has been going to this beach for over 20 years now and it is a yearly traditional that we all look forward to. Every summer, we get a chance to use the Campos resthouse and spend a few days here to rest, relax and commune with nature. This year, it just so happened that Sofia's birthday fell on a Good Friday and we were scheduled to use the beach house so we had the perfect setting for the birthday Luau.

We had a small activity area for the kids with play doh and some coloring books to keep them busy;

Buffet Set-up:

It was a very simple and straight-forward set-up with 2 huge shell accents where I placed all the leis and some pineapples to give it the polynesian/hawaiian feel.

Since it was a Good Friday, I couldn't go all out with the food because people usually practice fasting and abstinence on this day so I served light and fresh afternoon snacks ;

 Sliced Papaya and Pineapple with Mint Leaves

 Tuna Poke (Polynesian version of Ceviche) - it's basically tuna sashimi (raw tuna) mixed with soysauce, sesame oil, chili garlic, chives and sesame seeds

 Cucumber Salad with Fresh Dill

Birthday Cupcakes with handmade toppers

 Birthday Chocolate Caramel Cake from one of her guests


 Food labels made with simple paper print outs and wooden clothespins

The birthday hashtag : #sofiaturnsthree 

 Handmade Lei which I ordered online

Paper Straws with hibiscus cut-outs

Activities :  

Coloring and Play-Doh Station for the kids

Afternoon football on the sand 

Coloring Books to entertain the kiddos 

 Limbo Rock - Boys First

 The girls also showed their back-bending skills

It was such a chill and relaxed party really perfect for the theme. We played the 50 First Dates soundtrack the whole time to set the "Hawaiian mood". The place, the set-up, the food and the company was perfect! I actually had a slight fever and cold allergies but that didn't stop me from making this fun little party for my daughter. 

Enjoying her birthday cupcakes

 The mandatory mother and daughter shot

The crew at sunset

Mahalo and Happy Easter!

- Mommy Pattie


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