Tayo Na Sa Antipolo Part 4 : Pasalubongs and More

Officially my last post on Antipolo for this year. Here are a few other notable things you can do/find there:

1. Visit Antipolo Church
Devotees, tourists and locals alike frequent the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish, more commonly known as Antipolo Church. Back in the early Spanish Colonial era, the statue made eight voyages from Mexico to Manila, sailing the Pacific aboard the galleons, thus, being called the “Patroness of the Galleons” I remember that my family would visit this Church before leaving for a long trip to pray to the statue for a safe journey. Similarly, people would also bring their newly purchased vehicles there to be blessed and for the Patroness to always keep the passengers safe from any harm or accident.

2. Suman
You will find a myriad of vendors all over the Church and the streets of the Highway selling  sell a  suman (glutinous rice). Antipolo is known for the one made with white sticky rice that's slightly sweet. I bought a kilo from Crescent Moon cafe of the black suman for Php 400.00 (made with black rice so it's a healthier version) and enjoyed it with a sweet ripe mango for breakfast last week.

3. Kasoy (Cashew)

One cannot leave Antipolo without  taking home their signature Cashew/Kasoy nuts. Just like the suman, there are a lot of vendors selling this outside the Church. My friend Dianne gave me a tip and told me NOT to buy outside the Church because they sell it at a premium. She directed me to an area along Sumulong Highway where they have stalls lined up with vendors selling fruits, suman and cashew. She willingly shared her "suki" (trusted supplier) of cashew nuts named Perly, a very gentle old lady, who gave the most reasonable price of Php 450.00 per kilo as opposed to the rest who selling it at Php 500+ per kilo. Thanks for the tip, D! ;)'

4. Yoga with Dianne
Yoga with D! 

Being true to my passion and mission to spread the yoga love everywhere, I am promoting yoga even as far as Antipolo. As mentioned in the previous blogs post on the topic "Tayo Na Sa Antipolo", I met up with my dear friend and co-yoga instructor Dianne who I met and had a deep bond with in our Ashtanga teacher training because we shared the same nemesis (backbends! hahaha but are both trying to work extra hard on it! For those living the area, please do check out here website : Yoga with Dianne for her classes and schedules! Namaste!

Happy Monday folks,



Anonymous said…
hi! malayo po b s church un stall where u buy kasoy? thanks.
Ina said…
Hi ms.pattie! Just saw your blog about the cashew nuts in antipolo. I like cashew nuts in antipolo pero i'm very far po kasi sa antipolo so if possible po to share the contact details where you buy your cashew nuts sa antipolo para siya na lang po contact-in ko if i want to order.

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