Divinely Awesome Dessert Du Jour's Gateau de Crepes

24 more days before Christmas! Can you believe it? This year sure went by like a breeze. Phew! It will be a very hectic and eventful month for all and so for the first half of december, I will be featuring some of my favorite Christmas ideas/gifts you can check out to help you with your Christmas list. Sounds good?

What better way to start my favorite month of the year than by featuring a delightfully unique homemade GATEAU DE CREPES by Mara de la Rama-Poblete. I have always been in love with crepes. It's something I would crave for as a dessert, breakfast dish or even any time of the day (savory ones) and so layers of crepes with creme in between is a sure winner in my book! Master pastry chef Mara who happens to be my colleague from FCI New York makes them extra special.

Mara's well-curated Gateau de Crepes : Le Petite Vanilla
(9" round - good for 8-10 pax)
Php 950.00

It's a mille (french for "a thousand" implying the many layers) crepe cake which is a decadent classic French cake consisting of about 20 or so layers of wisp paper thin crepes each separated and meticulously brushed with a light vanilla pastry cream in between. I love that it just has the right amount of sweetness.  So much love and work put into this special cake that will make you enjoy it even more. 

Good things come in Pink Boxes, they certainly do. I bought this cake with me yesterday at our family brunch and we each thoroughly enjoyed and savoured each bite . What a joy! *happy dance*

I also got to sample her renowned Belgian Brownie Bites that comes in this nice dainty tin can. It's one of her Christmas bestsellers as well.

Elegant and classy packaging which makes it a perfect gift!

Belgian Brownie Bites
A dozen  packed in a nice tin can with ribbon and gift tag
Php 250.00 

These glories bite size brownie bites are luxuriously rich, soft and moist with the perfect marriage of sweet and bitter. My kids went straight to chocolate heaven (and became extra extra energetic too!) Hahaha! All good though... all in the spirit of the holidays :)

Here are her other products you might want to sample;

For Orders :
Contact Numbers : (02) 405 2580 / (0917) 811 6272  / (0917) 803 6272 
Facebook Page : Dessert Du Jour

Life is sweet,


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