The Healthcare Game Changer of the Philippines : AIDE APP

I've been experiencing a weird kind of chronic left knee pain for months now which would come and go (mostly after running/cycling and in some static stretches like the pigeon on the floor) plus my sporadic low back problem that always haunts me but because of my super busy momma schedule, I brushed these aside many times. I couldn't find "time" to have it checked because well... let's admit LIFE (work, teaching, travel, household, etc) always gets in the way. Mommies, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

Last night, I was FINALLY able to get my issues checked by a PT in the convenience of my HOME! Yes, I had a specialist come to our house to check my knee and my back. The hubby also had his long list of complaints (ankle, wrist and upper back) which were also assessed last night. No long queues/waiting time, no hospital, nothing... It was done in our house and while I was reviewing my son for his Mastery Test. How did I do it? Through this app called AIDE. It allows you to connect to get medical care from qualified medical practitioners straight from your phone! 

Ivan, the PT, was able to isolate that my knee pain was actually being caused by my super tight IT bands. I have to really allot time to stretch it out and was given specific exercises for these target areas. As for my low back, we did a short hot compress session and some core strengthening exercises. It felt good to know how I can manage my body issues to prevent further injury and it felt even better that I did without leaving the house! Awesome AIDE!


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