Jordan's Lobster Farm: Live, Fresh Seafood

Jordan's Lobster Farm in Long Island is an hour and a half away drive from the city. Although it is a fairly long trip I must say, it's always worth the travel time. Last Friday, Joel, Henri and I together with our friends Christina and Angelo took a road trip to get out hands on a killer 11-pound fresh lobster.

Jordan's is an outdoor restaurant and seafood deli right beside the water. The place smells like the reiterates the quality and freshness of their wide array of seafood offerings! If you go inside, you will see the stack of lobster tanks where you have the liberty to pick the particular lobster (the size and weight) you want. We didn't have to go through that though because my husband called that morning and reserved the biggest they had...pretty smart!

Too start our meal, we shared their fresh shrimp cocktail ($10.95) and fried shrimp basket with fries ($11.95). I also had my staple New England Chowder ($3.95 for a 12-oz cup)...hearty, creamy and generously filled with clams unlike the usual ones that have more potatoes than clams.

Then came the heavy-weight maine lobster ($89)...deep orange and black in color, so fierce and intimidating. It was cracked in the middle with the chunky meat peaking out. You would think that the meat of a lobster this size would be gummy and chewy but it was still moist and tender. It came with containers of butter, lemon wedges and steamed sweet corn wrapped in foil. The four of us were determined to conquer the whole thing...but failed.  We threw in the towel after devouring 3/4 of it. It was just too much. We didn't want to walk out of there with an ugly feeling of throwing up. So we stopped when we were happily satisfied.

 Jordan's Lobster Farm is undeniably a great place to go for live, fresh seafood. Ahoy! :)

* Just to give you an idea of how big the lobster was... it's was big as our son Henri! :) *

Jordans Lobster Farm
1 Pettit Place
Island Park, New York 1158-2276
(516) 889 3314


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