Pickles & Olives : Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives!

I developed my love for olives because of my dad. I remember that I used to cull out olives in the dishes that my mom prepared when I was  very young. But seeing my dad snack on the green olives with pimiento while watching tv made me curious about these little things. He would happily pick out the green olives from the tall bottle with a toothpick and pop them in his mouth. He just ate it with much gusto that it was amusing. Through the years, I acquired a liking for it. Once in a while, I really have to get my fix!

We were walking back to our apartment when we chanced upon this little store called "Pickles & Olives". As the store is aptly named, they literally sell...pickles and olives! My eyes brightened with the idea of a store selling two things I really like. It's a very small space filled with barrels of pickles on one side and jars of olives lined up in  a shelf on the other side. The guy on the counter was friendly and answered some of the questions I had like (where are the olives from? - Turkey... Can I mix the olives? - Yes..etc.). I got the smallest container and filled it with olives hand-stuffed with blue cheese, olives with provolone and spicy mixed olives. He weighed it and put in a bag. We took it home and opened it there.

The olives stuffed with Blue Cheese was the absolute stand out. The strong tangy taste of blue cheese married well with the distinct flavor of the olives! They're addicting! And it won't be a problem because it's just a block away...woohoo!

Pickles & Olives
1647 1st Ave. (between 85th St & 86th St)
New York, New York 10028
(212) 7178966


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