Saturday Morning at Salcedo Market

I want to start my new chapter of food raves here in Manila with this entry about a family ritual we used to enjoy when my mom was still alive... Saturday Mornings at Salcedo Market! My mom was particularly an early riser. She would be up and about by 6 am or even earlier. She said that waking up early is a good habit because you really get to accomplish a lot ("the early bird gets the worm"). I even remember her saying that it should be one of the traits you should look for in a husband because it shows a lot about his character - I guess she equated it to being hardworking and determined. Phew! I'm glad Joel is a morning person! 

Last Saturday, Joel, Henri and I were up at 4 am! We were all still suffering from jetlag and so I suggested that we visit Salcedo. We also invited my brother Hip to join us because I was sure he wouldn't mind waking up for a good breakfast meal. At exactly 6:30, we were there by the entrance. Some stalls weren't even open yet! Ha! Sharing with you our morning market finds...

Joel and Hip's First Stop : Wagyu Shawarma (Php190)

Next Stop was a bag of "Pandesitos" (Php50) which are super cute bite-size pandesals for Henri

I really missed Chicken Inasal with Garlic Rice (Php175) so I couldn't resist buying it (even if it's not exactly breakfast food!)

Tinapa Rice with Chopped Tomatoes and Red Egg (Php180)

 Green Mango Popsicle (Php40)

Buko (Coconut)-Lychee Sherbet (Php50)

I love Saturday Mornings! :)

Salcedo Market
Makati City
Every Saturdays 7 am -2 pm


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