The New Cafe Juanita : Still Homey But Not As Quirky

Cafe Juanita has a been a very memorable place for my family because my Mom loved dining in this quaint and cozy little place inside Barrio Kapitolyo. She would take us there for our mother-daughter lunch dates which lasted til the late afternoon. Oh how I miss those times  *deep sigh* ( For those who are new to my blog, my mother passed away more than 3 years ago) Anyway, last Friday was her supposed 54th birthday. We still celebrate her special day every year. This year, we started the day with an early 7 am mass at Mt. Carmel with our family and my mom's siblings then visited her crypt. A simple breakfast get-together followed at Pancake House. 

That night, our family (less my brother Migo who is now based in China and my sister Addie who had another affair to attend) decided to try the new Cafe Juanita to relive the good old times we spent as a family enjoying their Asian-Fusion Cuisine. Unlike the original, this new place is much much bigger (higher ceiling) and brighter (more well-lit). It maintained the same homey feel with a eclectic hodgepodge of everything- mismatched table cloths, vibrant and colorful Filipino and Spanish decor, a lot of beads and sequins and all kinds of antiques all around the place. 

Their was live music that night which was perfect for our dinner. He played old songs which mom loved. It  made us remember her more. 

Their signature Catfish and Green Mango Salad - Php 189

My brother wanted some soup to warm him up because he wasn't feeling too good that night. Their Tom Yung Goong - Php 249  was comforting.

Bagnet with Tomatoes - Php 259 

You can never go wrong with their Classic Kare-Kare Php 483

The service was highly satisfactory and consistent. We enjoyed every dish we ordered and collectively agreed that the new place is just as lovely though not as quirky as the old one. 

Happy Birthday Mom! Wish you were there with us! We miss you!

Cafe Juanita (New Location)
#19 West Capitol Drive
Barrio Kapitolyo
It's right beside Shunji Matsuo Japanese Hair Salon


Anonymous said…
There's a Cafe Juanita in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio too.
I love Cafe Juanita, good food and a great environment. My fave is the one in Fort B!


Keep up the good work, i love your reviews.

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