Pringles Extreme : Screamin' Dill Pickle Flavor

As a kid, I remember I hated pickles. I would pick it out of my burger and either throw it or give it to Dad who would gladly take it. Through the years however, I learned to like it. In fact now, I love them! One guilty pleasure of mine lately is sneaking a little pickled cornichon or two from the Maille jar I brought home from New York. I'd open the refrigerator and pop it in my mouth at the most random times of the day! 

I was in S&R last week and I chanced upon this Pringles canister. I was instantly intrigued. I had to try it out! Yesterday, we snacked on it on our way to Batangas. It was something different. The potato chips tasted like they were soaked in dill pickle water; the dill flavor was strong. The battling sweet, sour and salty flavor was present. My brother Hip said it tasted close to Salt & Vinegar (which is another fave of mine!) but stronger and more tangy. So if you're bored with the usual snacks, I suggest you give this a shot!

... although I personally think the flavor is not that "EXTREME" as the name projects! 


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