Birthday Edition : Feeling Fab at 30 :)

This will be one of my special blogs that won't be just about a restaurant, an ingredient, a recipe or anything about food for that matter but more about...well... ME :)

Today is my 30th Birthday.

I woke up with our son's morning cry. It was a cry of hunger, he either wanted milk or breakfast at 6:15 am. Lucky for me, I have Henri as my human alarm clock. I set my phone at 6:30 because I wanted to catch the 7 am mass at Christ the King but I didn't need it. I was awake earlier than I planned (which was actually good! It gave me more time to prepare). I took a quick shower and woke up my husband as well. He told me that he wanted to come to Church first before going to his MBA class. Going to an early birthday mass has been a traditional in our family that I've practiced all these years. My mom used to say that giving thanks to the Lord for all the blessings you've received is the best way to start your birthday. I completely agree, I felt good, rejuvenated and ready to face the whole day after mass.

I turned on my laptop the moment I got home and was overwhelmed with all the greetings I got. I patiently thanked everyone in fb who remembered and made a general "Thank You" status. Since Jo had to leave for class, I quickly whipped up a healthy breakfast of whole wheat tuna melt sandwiches with small dill pickles on the side. Then it was time to open presents. I had three waiting for me in our bedroom.

Thank you Ninang for the salad spinner and dressing stirrer! I will be able to use both for sure because we've been making a lot of salads lately! Thank you Maan for the personalized Manila bag! I love it!

Before lunch, I received a lovely lovely surprise arrangement from the Sisons! Thank you guys... you made me feel so loved!

Then we were off to lunch at Cafe 1771 formerly Chateau 1771, my new go-to place for breakfast/lunch/brunch because I love the ambiance and it's close proximity to our house (the food just comes third! haha!)

With my siblings  

 Dad and I 

 Addie's Caesar Salad (Php 280.00)

 Dad's Swiss Toast with Poached Egg (Php 280.00 + Php 30.00)

 Migo's Chorizo Pasta (Php 390.00)
My Spaghetti with Roasted Tomatoes (Php 290.00)

 Cute and Dainty Bathroom ;)

 Female Bathroom Door

 I love the blue, dark pink almost fuschia-paisley interiors

One part of the dining area is like a're surrounded with books and shelves! Pretty cool, right?

After lunch, I had to do some "Mommy duties" so I asked Migs to drive me to Hypermart so I could buy Henri's diapers. Yaya said we had only 4 left so we needed stocks. Since I was already there, I decided to get a hair spa from Fix Salon. I considered it my guilty pleasure for the day!

At the Basket counter in hypermart with the bag filled with diapers!

Before going home, I couldn't resist it. I had to get my plain yogurt fix from Life, Coffee and Tea  - Php 100.00 

  I spent the whole the rest of the afternoon with my son at home and actually started writing this blog. Around 6 pm, we dressed up and got ready for my family dinner at Gloria Maris Greenhills. It was my Dad's dinner for me so he chose the venue. We had it there because one of the owners is his client so we get lots of freebies (I honestly think the dinner was my Tito's gift~ hahaha!). I invited my Consunji and Palma Gil relatives to join me for dinner - about 30 people made it despite the rain. 

 My favorite appetizer in Gloria Maris : Steamed Jumping Suahe (small shrimp) - it's easy to peel because it's so fresh that the shell just slides of. The meat is so sweet and juicy -- served with a mildly sweet soy-sesame dipping sauce! 

 Birthday kiss from Dada

 My little one waiting for the food to arrive

 Ninang Addie feeding Henri dessert

 He liked the chocolate fudge cake

 Gifts, gifts and more gifts... Please look closely: Notice the one wrapped in newspaper??? It was the special present from the sweetest hubby in the whole wide world. Turns out, it's a

 New MacBook Air! Wooohooo! I can retire my ultra heavy duty MacBook Pro (it's about time)... though I honestly think I'll experience some sort of separation anxiety from it! Hahaha!

 It's funny though that I even told Jo that his gift looked like it was bought at the last minute because he didn't even have time to wrap it nicely! The newspaper wrapping fooled me!?! Bwahaha! :)

Joel was excited to migrate all my old files from the old Mac to the new one but after awhile we decided to just do everything tomorrow!

 Phew! What a perfect day this turned out to be... from the early mass to the lovely surprises during the day, Cafe 1771 lunch, Hair Spa, our MSG-infused dinner sponsored by Gloria Maris... and ofcourse the surprise gift from Joel to end the night. What more can I ask for?

I believe the big 3-0 is not something people should dread (shout out to all the people who do!) but rather embrace it with open arms. Whether you are single (even if it's not by choice!) or married... a boss of your growing enterprise or still waiting for your big break and climbing the harsh corporate ladder...whether you've accomplished a lot based on your 10 year plan or still at a lost with what to do with your life... Accept the state you're in and bask on the journey it's been so far! Don't waste your time whining, complaining and regretting what happened or didn't happen for that matter. There are far more things to look forward to. Life is too short and too good. 

Blowing my birthday candle with the help of my boys! Thank you Lord for the past 30 years...

Today I'm officially 30...and I feel absolutely fabulous! :) Cheers!


Love it! Happy birthday Patuts!

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