Chocolate Stirrers To Start Your Day

I first encountered these wonderful little lollipops 5 years ago when we visited my aunt in London. She served these lollies with hot milk together with a hearty breakfast. They are plastic or wooden sticks with chocolate balls or blocks on one end. All you need is hot milk/water and you simple dip and stir. I found the concept of mini chocolate blocks which you stir with hot drinks a "cute" and unique concept. I remember that I made sure to bring home these goodies as pasalubong.

Last week, my Ninang Josie surprised me with M&S Chocolate stirrers from their Hong Kong trip. I thought they stopped making them already but apparently, they are available again (well in Hong Kong at least)! Woohoo! She said she remembered how amused I was with those sweet little sticks so she just had to get me some (Thanks Nang! So sweet of you really!)

Milk Chocolate Stirrer!

This is how they look up-close

 With some hot milk...

Dip and Stir! Voila! Hot Chocolate to complete breakfast :)

Good morning Everyone!


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