Draft Gastropub: European Comfort Food

This post has been way overdue. We were here 4 months ago but I haven't gotten the time to write my thoughts on this fairly new addition to the Fort Strip...until now. It's my only day off from work (boo!) and I decided that writing an entry today would kind of relax my mind. I was updating financial reports  earlier so I figured this would be a nice breather. 

Draft Gastro-Pub has the ambiance of a typical New York sports bar... casual, chill and cozy. We came here for weekday lunch meeting and it was great because we were practically the only ones there that time. I hear this place gets packed by late afternoon everyday (especially on weekends). I hate overly crowded places because it's hard to enjoy a good meal so our timing was perfect. 

Our friends/colleagues Jenny and Gerick recommended the two best-sellers and so everything was practically set. 

 Caesar's Salad (Php 280.00) 

Classic Meat Pie (Php 480.00) - You definitely have to order this the first time you dine here! It's a very satisfying man's meal...hearty, meaty with extremely smooth mashed potatoes. WINNER!

Angry Drunken Mussels (Php 590.00) -  Another must-try. I love moules frittes (it was the only thing I ordered when we were in Belgium). It's a combination of mussels cooked in white wine and herbs served with crusty bread and fries. Their mussels are huge so I was pretty sure they were imported because I don't see mussels that size in the local market. They confirmed that these shells are frozen and shipped from New Zealand. I enjoyed each slurp of the zesty and tangy seafood!

We actually came back a second time for dinner and ordered the same items above with a new addition - their Pappardelle Bolognese. Pappardelle pasta is a broad type of fettuccine usually used with heavy sauces. This dish sure didn't disappoint! The al dente pasta was perfect with the luscious, rich and heavy meat sauce.

Thanks to our good friend Stephen (actually a part-owner of the place) for being our gracious and generous host that night! I will definitely take my boys (my Dad and my 2 brothers) here for a good beer (they serve pint-size imported beers which can last you the whole night already!) and some European comfort food.


Draft Gastro-Pub
Unit C The Fort Entertainment Center
Bonifacio Global City
+632 846 9725


stephen ku said...

Thanks pattie!

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