New York Edition : Mitsuwa Japanese Market

When we were still living in New York 2 years ago, we used to drive to Jersey every weekend to visit my mother-in-law. Our weekends were mostly reserved for family time. In our visit this year, we spent last Saturday morning in one of our favorite weekend markets in New Jersey called Mitsuwa. It's a Japanese supermarket and food court in one. They have everything from fresh produce, to Japanese appliances and home/bath accessories, to fresh Sushi/Sashimi to-go... and most of all they have a food court which offers delectable and mouthwatering Japanese dishes. We were lucky to catch the "Umai" which is the annual Japanese Artisan Fall Food Fair. They had special stalls selling Japanese delicacies. For instance, one Ramen stall sold just Shio Ramen made by this Japanese chef who just flew in for that fair. Obviously, we had to try that! 

Welcome to the Food Fair

 The Shio (salt-flavored soup) Ramen was wow! The broth had a beautiful rich flavor and the noodles were cooked perfectly...not too soft but chewy just the way I like

I got this Tekkadon to-go (shredded fresh tuna on top of sushi rice and some seaweed and pickled ginger) from the grocery as part of my lunch meal

 The long line for the extra special Ohban-yaki

 Other Japanese snacks that I didn't get to try because I just had so much already

Oban-yaki and Tea for dessert

Mitsuwa Marketplace
595 River Road
Edgewater, New Jersey


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