Yabu : The House of Katsu

In it's most simplest form, Katsudon is a classic Japanese meal composed of deep-fried pork cutlet (tonkatsu) over rice topped with egg and green onions. I've always had good memories eating this because back in High School, my friends and I used to hang out in Komoro Soba (in Megamall - the time when it was just a single building!).  I remember I would order their katsudon and asked for extra sauce (soy) and literally drench the rice with it as if it were some sort of soup. Hahaha! Well now, after almost 10 years, YABU makes it debut in the Megamall Atrium. It prides itself with authentic Katsudon and Tonkatsu. Our good friend Daniel highly recommended it and since we have respect for his taste (he will laugh if he reads this!) we took his advise. We were very intrigued and excited to try it ourselves. 

YABU has a casual and chic ambiance with modern wood works and animation strips covering the walls. There were three of us and we wanted to sample all the best-sellers. And that's exactly what we did.

I must commend their presentation and creativity because even the mixing of their Tonkatsu sauce involved a small ritual. We were given ceramic sauce bowls with sesame seeds and small wooden sticks (used more like a mortar and pestle). Our server instructed us to gently crush the sesame seeds until the aroma comes out and then we can pour the special thick tonkatsu sauce. Pretty cool!

Slightly crushed sesame seeds

 Tonkatsu Sauce

This was the   Premium Kurobuta Tonkatsu Set (Php 515.00) which includes 120g of deep-fried Kurobuta Pork Cutlet (Berkshire pork), shredded cabbage salad (which is actually eat-all-you can so you can just keep on getting the salad), rice, miso soup and a fruit bowl for dessert. The pork was undeniably tender and melt in your mouth. 

This was the Pork Rosu Tonkatsu (Php 265.00) which was quite good as well. In all honestly, there wasn't much of a difference from the special Berkshire pork tonkatsu because this was just as tender. I would recommend this to those looking for value for money.

Then lastly, we sampled the Chicken Kastudon (Php 290.00) which was a real treat. Again, the chicken cutlets were surprisingly really tender and the kastuson sauce was heavenly. I love how the combination of the crispy tender chicken, hot rice, gooey runny egg, the sauce and green onions just collaborates in your mouth simultaneously. Yum!

So the next time you crave for Katsudon/Tonkatsu, head to Yabu! :)

Yabu: House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong 
632- 576 3900


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