New York Edition : Beecher : World's BEST Mac & Cheese

Ever since he was a kid, my husbank Joel has been in love with Mac & Cheese... the instant ones that is. The one you conveniently put inside a microwave and voila! Dinner is served. Then, he married a foodie wife (ahem ahem) who is not so used to eating anything instant or in a can. My late mother was a passionate cook thus refused to buy a lot of microwavable stuff! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the Easy Macs when we do buy them once in a while but I just don't look for it I guess. I'll eat it when it's there. Anyway, one of the things on our list this New York trip was to swingby this place which Joel heard about from Oprah's Show. She claims that they have "BEST MAC & CHEESE" in America. You can even order it frozen online and have it shipped right to your doorstep.

Beecher's was first launched in 2003 in Seattle by this cheese monger and food purist Kurt Beechers Dammeier. Their food goes by the mantra of all pure-all natural, full flavored food handcrafted in traditional ways using the best possible ingredients. The place is a cheese factory (you can see through a huge glass window how they make their fresh cheese), a retail store (they sell their cheese, books, etc) and a restaurant.

  Their chairs are huge milk cans which I found really cute! You can watch their cheese-making from this window.

 For a cheese lover like me, this was heaven! :)

Unfortunately we had a matinee play to catch that day so I didn't have the luxury to dine there. I just got everything take out. This was what inside our big brown bag;

 World's Best Mac & Cheese (16 oz) - $ 9.25
Penne cooked al dente with oozing, rich (in flavor and texture - it's not the smooth kind of white cheesy sauce) grainy and full-flavored cheese - I believe it's gruyere and their famous cheddar cheese. 

 Joel taking his first bite

 My Grilled Cheese which I split with Stephen
$ 6.50

I also got the tomato soup which complimented my sandwich really well (sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of that. It was real comfort food!

Say cheeeeeeese! :)

Beechers New York
Flat Iron District
900 Broadway (20th Street)
New York, New York 10003
212 446 3340


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