Chronicles of Osaka : KUIDAORE - An Overview Part 1 of 5

Konnichiwa! I am now at the Kansai Airport, Osaka and have two whole hours to kill before our flight back. I might as well start my posts on our awesome food trip here...

Japan has always been on the top of list of places I want to explore and conquer. When Cebu Pacific came out with a Japan Piso fare promo a few months back (thanks to my friend Anna who gave me the heads), I immediately booked it without thinking. It was too good a deal. My ticket came out to Php 7,998.00 with taxes included already so it was 15,966.00 total for me and my husband ! Quite a steal right? That's the same amount you have to pay now to get to Boracay nowadays or at times even more if you want to land in Caticlan! Lesson is that  it pays to be always on the look-out for these "lowest fare" promos that come out if you're like me who wants to work on a budget. 

I told Joel that I wanted to make this trip all about FOOD since we are totally obsessed with Japanese cuisine. OSAKA was the perfect place to do this because it is the center of gastronomy. Osakans live by the mantra "kuidaore" which translates to eat yourselves to financial ruins or quite simply put "Eat til you drop." What Osaka lacks in terms of tourist attractions, it makes up for it in its food and entertainment. People really come to Osaka just to EAT. And that's exactly what we did. I decided to divide this Japan blog posts into parts since I have just so much to share and actually don't know where to start!?! 

Before the trip, I actually made a detailed list of food and restaurants that I want to try (yes, I am that type of OC traveler). I wanted to maximize the time we had (4 full days) and not waste any time. 

OC + Chef + Foodie = This MASTER LIST of things (food, local delicacies, restos etc.) that I want to try together with description and overview of Osaka. I even made a detailed itinerary per day of where we should go. I posted this in my Instagram account a few days before we left and already I got lots of messages to keep it and share in the future! :) 

And so our kuidaore journey begins... join me? Part 1 coming up...



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