Detoxify Bar : Treating My Body To A Well-Deserved "Vacation"

Juicing for Detoxification is fast becoming a trend now and it's all over social media. Everyday my Facebook and Instagram are flooded with posts on what juice they are having that day or what brand they are endorsing. I have been juicing and smoothie-ing at home for about 2 years now (way before the whole trend started) and am very pleased to see how this has become so mainstream already. I get a lot of questions from readers and students about what type of juice cleanse they should do and what program is best for them.

This is the beginning of my quest to try out the cleanses and detox programs out there to be able to give sound advise based on my personal experience. I am starting this Detox101 journey with DETOXIFY BAR

Here's the program that they offer:
The detoxification process strictly prohibits solid food intake and drinks with caffeine and alcohol. Detoxify Bar’s Full Detox Package includes 6 signature juices of your choice, an organic  detox tea and an organic laxative tea which are to be consumed as follows:

  • Breakfast = 1 bottle of juice
  • AM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Lunch = 1 bottle of juice + 1 cup organic detox tea
  • PM Snack = 1 bottle of juice
  • Dinner = 1 bottle of juice
  • Bedtime = 1 cup organic laxative tea

My kit was delivered to me the night before my detox. It consists of 5  bottled juices, 2 detox tea bags and the basic guide on how to go about the whole cleanse. 

Price :  Php 1,350.00 for the whole package : 5 signature detox juices, 2 organic teas and a thermal bag  (additional delivery charge depending on your area)

1. Breakfast - I chose to start with the Green Vegan Detox 

Apple + Cucumber + Romaine Lettuce + Broccoli + Celery + Moringa (Malunggay) + Lemon

I followed this with a glass of water which made me really feel full. 
2. AM Snack : Minty Berry Detox

Apple + Blueberry + Rasberry + Blackberry+ Mint Leaf + Lemon

I did my ashtanga self-practice and enjoyed this yummy mix after. So refreshing! My 4-year-old son Henri actually took a little sip and really liked it. I was worried about my ulcers and so I took a safety shot by giving myself a banana during mid morning.
 3. Lunch : Orange Vegan Detox
Carrot + Pear + Spinach + Romaine Lettuce + Celery + Cucumber + Lemon

4. PM Snack : Red Vegan Detox
Apple + Carrot + Lemon + Beet + Cucumber
I took this with me to the mall and placed it inside the insulated bag because the family watched SpiderMan 2. This was my movie "snack". I was tempted to munch on the buttered popcorn that they had but just distracted myself and focused on the movie! I brought a banana with me which I had during this time. Hahaha! 
Note : Temptations will be present throughout the whole day so remain focused on your goal.
5. Dinner : Gold Detox
Raw Ginger Ale + Chia seeds
I prepared the 2nd detox tea and had it right after the juice. I was surprised at how I still didn't really feel "hungry" despite the whole day of just liquids and 2 bananas.
6. Bedtime 
I was suppose to take the last one at bedtime but I retired really early and didn't get to take the last bottle. I took it the next morning. I woke up at 5:30 am feeling re-energized. I enjoyed the final bottle of Lemon Detox after my morning yoga practice. The refreshing citrus blend is suupose to thoroughly cleanses your body while naturally bosting your immune system while the cayenne pepper significantly boosts your metabolism. 

The 1-Day Detox is really a good boost to your body and your immune system. I felt rejuvenated and "clean". It was a challenge but it was easier than I imagined it to be. For those interested to doing this detox. Here's  a gist of what happens during a DETOX:
You absorb huge amounts of nutrition as pure micronutrients are introduced to your body during the juice detox. Since it is in liquid form and virtually free of fiber, the micronutrients are quickly processed and absorbed into your system (this is why it is important that during this time, no solid food is consumed). While on detox, the body removes and expels the accumulated toxins that has been stored inside of you. Can you guess where these toxins were stored? Most are stored in fat cells! This is why after a successful detox, the most noticeable side effect is the slimming down of the body. Other toxin prisons in our bodies are the liver and kidneys where alcohol and toxins from substances such as medication are filtered. The detox will give these organs a thorough spring cleaning. (taken from the Detoxify website)
You are encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day. A glass of water should accompany each bottle of juice as well. The juice variant you drink should be dictated by your activity during that time (eg. have a Red Vegan for lunch if you plan on hitting the gym after lunch). 
I hope this enlightens all of you and gives you courage to give this 1-day detox a shot! Give your body a "vacation" even just for a day :)

1. 2nd floor Techno Plaza 2 (back of Eastwood Mall), Eastwood, Quezon City
2. Ground floor, Bldg. 3, Tuscany Private Estates, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 

Customer Service Hotline+63 (2) 9427105 / 5093672 (Eastwood)
+ 63 (2) 2398249 (Tuscany)
Delivery Hotline+63 916-2892132 (Viber* available)

Juice up and take it easy,


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