Fruit Salad For Breakfast, Why Not?

Happy Labor Day! One thing I love about free days is that I get to spend and enjoy a longer breakfast. I admit to be a morning person and my natural body clock is awake before 7 every day regardless of what time I sleep (yes, even if I retire at 3 am from a late night out, I still wake up early! yikes!). Today, I took my sweet time in the kitchen and was able to create 2 juice tonics and my favorite Raw Vegan Fruit Salad for breakfast. I always tell my students to "Eat The Colors of the Rainbow". The more vibrant it is, the better. Sharing with you this simple breakfast meal which you can try making for your family;


Fresh Red Papaya and Mangoes (cubed or diced)
Overnight soaked oats, yogurt and chia seeds (out my overnight banana oats recipe for this)
A Tablespoon or just a small dollop of coconut cream
Raw Goji Berries (I get mine from The Healthy Grocer)
Raw Cacao Nibs

* Just mix everything together and enjoy!

For those interested with the juices I made today;

GREEN JUICE :  Spinach + Apples + Pineapple + Water

ORANGE JUICE : Carrots + Pineapple + Ginger + Jicama (Singkamas)

Share your favorite breakfast fruit recipes which I can maybe feature here too! Email me at for questions or concerns.



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