Leveling Up with The Skinny Juicery's 2 Day Detox Program

I have conquered one-day cleanses the past months and so I felt ready to take it a step further by doing a 2-Day Detox Program. It was also very timely because I did it after our Japan food binge where I ate like there was no tomorrow (yikes! don't judge!). Sharing with you my experience with it;

The Skinny Juicery consists of six (6) 350 ml bottles of assorted juice, 2 yogi teas, an insulated bag and a leaflet containing instructions on how to go about the cleanse. The whole 2- Day Super Skinny Detox Cleanse is Php 3,000.00. (exclusive of Delivery Charges depending on your area)

Day 1 Detox Package

You are given the liberty to choose the juices that you want but they recommend to start with something green and drink something citrusy at lunch. Ultimately though, it will depend on you. You can strategize your own cleanse!

Yogi Tea to start off the whole process which took first thing in the morning. Not only does this tea taste and smell amazingly fragrant, it also has little life quotes that will surely inspire you!

Ideally it is nice to start with something green so I chose this green mix (Skinny Green). It's made of kale + spinach + romaine + parsley + celery + apple + lemon. 

Mid morning I had this really yummy Thrilla Vanilla which is basically Almond Milk. It's made of Distilled water + almonds + dates + vanilla bean + sea salt. 

Palm Orange
Apple + Lemon + Pineapple + Mint
This was my lunch that I brought with me to the mall since I had to do a grocery run.

Chocolait Almond
Distilled Water + Almonds + Dates + Sea Salt + Cacao
Gimme anything with chocolate and I won't complain. Drinking this will not make you feel like you're in a cleanse. My son even liked it as he gulped down part of it (anything chocolate-y attracts him!).

I must admit again because of my history of gastritis, I took little amounts of fruits (papaya and banana) and munched on some carrots and cucumber sticks in between the drinks. I Ended my day with the red tonic and yogi tea which knocked me out completely. Zzzzzzzz......

I woke early the next day and  felt recharged so I was bit surprised about that considering I practically just had liquids and small amounts of veggies and fruits.  I started my day with the Yogi DETOX Tea which I was really starting to like. I think I  shall buy some of these tea bags and start making it part of my weekly if not daily habit. 

Loved what it said :" Oneness is achieved by recognizing your self." So deep, very yogi. Hahaha! It was definitely a great way to start the second day. 

I did my usual morning Ashtanga practice and had my first green juice.

Watermelon Juice - Plain and simple. Light, sweet and oh-so-refreshing! which I took on my way to my lunch date.

I taught two barre3 classes and finished my Green Lemonade
Kale + Spinach + Romaine + Parsley + Cucumber + Celery + Apple + Lemon

We had dinner out with my kids after my class so I brought my Queen B with me together with my fruit platter of sliced papaya and melon. 
Almonds + Filtered Water + Dates + Sea Salt + Cacao + Cinnamon + Nutmeg

I gulped down the last bottle of Un-beet-able Red mix of Romaine + Parsley + Cucumber + Celery + Beet + Carrot + Pineapple. I was too exhausted that I didn't need the detox tea to put myself to sleep. I was knocked out from the day's physical activities and the whole cleansing process.


The 2-Day Detox program was tough and pretty intense but I survived *phew*. It is recommended though for more experienced cleansers and not those who are just doing it for the first time. I'm not exactly an expert in the detox catergory but since I've done the 1-Day Program a couple of times, it prepared me for this slightly more rigorous detox program. 

All their tonics taste nothing short of amazing (which makes me think that there's a secret ingredient they add to make it taste great! Hahaha). Kidding aside, it really does not make you feel like you're fasting because it takes out that craving for solid food. Admittedly, I felt bouts of fatigue in between but the bottles fueled me to get through the day. I'm thankful that I tried it and look forward to doing this type of cleansing on a regular basis. Aside from making me less guilty of eating the things I like (which sometimes are not really the best for the body), cleansing regenerates and digestive system and gives it the break it needs. So what are you waiting for?  juice up baby! 



Do it mainly to improve your health... but who knows? You might shed some unwanted pounds too. They didn't call it skinny juice for nothing, right? :) 

The Skinny Juicery
contact no : 0917-3205329
email : skinnyjuiceryph@yahoo.com
instagram : @skinnyjuiceryph



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