Juju Cleanse : No Fuss. All Benefits. Jujust Do It.

              Juju (JUst JUice) Cleanse is the pioneer in cold-pressed juice cleanse delivery service here in the country. It's the brainchild of husband and wife team David and Kat Azanza. I personally met Kat last year when Juju Eats opened and have been connected with her through social media. Kat's parents are the founders of the wellness resort The Farm at San Benito (Batangas) so she was practically exposed to this type of healthy lifestyle all her life. Needless to say, their juices are legit, well-studied and doctor-approved.


         The Juju Cleanse program is designed to give your body a break, so that it can focus on digesting nutrients and flushing out the junk. It also promotes hydration and alkalinity in the body to reduce the foothold of nasty toxins.  

        There are several reasons why cleansing is important, but they all boil down to this : every once in a while we need to TAKE OUT THE TRASH! Between everything we eat, the activities we lead, and the city we live in, we tend to accumulate all sorts of toxins. We store the toxins in the places like our colon, lymph nodes and blood stream. This "junk" blocks the body's ability to absorb nutrients and also makes it harder for our body to expel all the waste that it's producing. This eventually compromises our health. Need I say more?

JUJU CLEANSE offers 3 levels of juicing;

Level 1 is for those who are new to cleansing and would like to introduce the body to this detox process. There is a nice ratio of fruits and vegetables to ease the body into the process and not overwhelm is completely. 
Level 2 is for those who are ready for a more intense program than the first level. Here are the juices care more potent and alkaline rich (this just basically translates to more leafy and green in the juice than fruit
Level 3 is mostly veggie tonics; a no-frills cleanse which eliminates fruits (to do away with the sugar and higher glycemic index) and focuses on saturating you with enzymes that will speed up and detoxification process altogether. It aims to swing the body's PH level to a more balanced and alkaline state.

The first level was recommended for me since I am neophyte to this juice fast program. Yes,  I have been green juicing and smoothie-ing for years now but only as part of my usual diet and never purely for detox or cleansing. This was a totally new approach to juicing and I was psyched to experience it myself. 

The juice kit arrived the afternoon before my scheduled cleanse. Each Juju Cleanse Kit contains an ice pack, insulated bag and Six (6)  500 ml numbered bottles (this equals to 3 liters of juice for the whole day which is effectively what the body needs) of cold-pressed, nutrient-rich drinks to keep you nourished throughout the day ideally without any solid intake. 

A brown leaflet is given with the kit which contains the recommended cleansing schedule (the time and which bottle to take). I really love how the bottles are already numbered making life much more easier. Let me run down how the cleanse went for me;

I started with a nice cup of mint tea (the kit also includes a small packet of fresh mint!) to jumpstart the cleanse.  

I took my first juice at 7:45 am. It was a green tonic called Green Bomb. This elixir contains veggies that will help restore the alkalinity of the body. It's a mix of assorted green vegetables packed with enzymes that our body needs to keep well and  maintain cellular levels. Kat actually texted me at his time to check how my cleanse started out (too adorable!) and I said that I was off to great start. 

Juice 1 : Green Bomb
Celery + Cucumber + Malunggay + Pineapple + Romaine Lettuce + Spinach

The next juice was the Spicy Limonada which I had at around 10:30 am while I doing my emails.

Juice 2 : Spicy Limonada
Honey + Lemon + Cayenne Pepper

Lunch time was the Red Giant

Juice 3 : Red Giant
Beets + Carrots + Ginger + Pineeapple 

I have a history of ulcers so I played it safe and had a bowl of red papaya.

I took the Juju insulated bag with me and filled it with the 4th and 5th bottle and brought it with me to my yoga class. I taught two Ashtanga classes in Yoga Philippines so I gulped down the 2 bottles in between the sessions.
The insulated bag with the icepack kept the juices nice and cold.

* Pic taken inside the studio

Juice 4 : Alkazest
Orange + Coconut Water + Pineapple

Kat said that normally the main ingredient of the Alkazest is grapefruit but since it's not available in the market they replaced it with orange for now. I took this after my first class and it gave me that extra energy I needed to move on to the next class. It had a really strong citrusy scent that one of my students noticed it and asked me about it. He thought it was a very strong kind of orange juice.

Juice 5 : Green Bomb
(same as the first juice) which I actually really enjoyed. As I said, I am used to green juices so this was not a problem for me at all. I chugged it down while driving home after my last class.

I took my last and final bottle when I got home from the studio. I was physically exhausted the potent ginger tonic was relaxing and soothing to the body. It tasted very similar to the Spicy Limonada but I enjoyed this more because I happen to like ginger!

                                                 Juice 6 : Ginger Lemon / Salabat Lemon
                                                                      Ginger + Honey + Lemon

I ended the night just like how I started the day...with a nice warm cup of mint tea. I felt accomplished and relieved (Phew!)  that I successfully finished the 1-Day Juice Fast (with a little papaya!).  I texted Kat the next day and told her that I was surprised to feel re-energized because I imagined I would feel sluggish and a little weak after the cleanse. There is a post-cleanse guideline which emphasizes that you take it easy on meat, oily foods and processed foods right after just so you do not sabotage your efforts. The perfectly grilled medium-rare ribe-eye steak will have to wait! Hahaha!

I know that this won't end here but instead this will be a beginning of many future cleanses. I plan to slowly work my way up to level 3 and do a longer cleanse in time. 

For those who are up for the challenge, the initial price of the 1-Day Cleanse is Php 2,500.00.  for the six (6) 500 ml bottles  of juice (3 liters total for the whole day). You get a discount on your next one should you decide to continue and do it again (Php 2,300.00). Meanwhile the Juju Solo 250 ml bottles are priced at Php 200.00 each with a minimum order of 4 bottles per delivery.

For more information, you can check out their website : http://www.jujucleanse.com/ or call 02-8310131 or 09175763012 (8 am-7 pm) or email them at info@juju.com.ph.

Share your thoughts and experience with JuJu Cleanse. 

Jujust Do It!

Take it easy,



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