Breakfast. My absolute favorite meal of the day. No better to place to spend my last breakfast on the island than at the iconic Real Coffee & Tea . Already considered an institution in Boracay, it boasts of the legendary calamansi muffins and Real Coffee (coffee with a shot of expresso).

The story of this place goes beyond the food that they serve. It's one about a Mother and Daughter (always a touching tale especially for someone like me who lost my mother so early in my life). The dyanmic tandem of Mama Lee, as she is fondly called, and her lovely daughter Nadine is so entirely touching and inspiring. It reminds us that when all else fails, follow your passion and let your heart lead the way.

It started out as this small nipa-hut style breakfast nook which served just coffee and a few pastries in a somewhat hidden location down a small alley somewhere at the end of station one. I remember those days when one had to really go out of your way and even ask around to find this hidden gem...makes me nostalic of the Old Boracay. With the business growing exponentially, they eventually had to expand and relocate.  It was last September 2013 that they moved to a this more  mainstream location along the beachfront of Station 2. Now you really won't miss it!

The Facade of the new location

There is a small area on the first floor with an open kitchen and bar where you can also dine.

 The spacious second floor with an open kitchen which allows you to see how everything
is done and prepared. This set-up allows you to casually chat with the chef and staff as well. 

Rustic and homey design concept showing the history of the place : tables and panels covered in pictures of people who have visited and enjoyed the Real Coffee experience. What a spectacular and genius idea!

Up close: Memories captured in photographs (mostly celebrities
and famous personalities through the years:)  

           Notice the cute sign which says, " Be nice to the cook, it's hot back here! Hear that? Be Nice!

  Breakfast with  this view and the sound of the waves as you sip your coffee! Glorious morning!

Perfect combination : The calamansi muffin + Real Coffee (Coffee with a shot of Espresso)

The Star of the Show : CALAMANSI MUFFIN Php 60.00/piece

The legendary muffins, the  most requested pasalubong every time I come here to the Island. In Mama Lee's book, there is a whole chapter (Chapter 12) dedicated to this single product that has made it's name  in the Boracay culinary scene. She claims that she does not remember how exactly the idea started but that her daughter Nadine began experimenting with muffins and used the indigenous calamansi. They loved the outcome and decided to put it on the menu. Customers started ordering it and even taking home boxes. The demand eventually grew and it became their fast-selling product in the restaurant. They couldn't even keep up with the demand. Would you believe that no single muffins stays in their place overnight, they always sell each and every one! That's how popular it is. One has also to place an order overnight if you want to take home boxes. 

I love pastries with a citrus hint (lemon squares, key lime pies, you name it..) and so naturally it was love at first bite for me when I first tasted this more than 10 years ago. Every time I sink my teeth into a calamansi muffin, it timewarps me into the Boracay back in the day. It brings back high school and college memories when I used to come here to the island with friends and loved ones. It was those days that I travelled on a very tight and limited budget but still always made it a point to make a pitstop here. Fast forward to now that I am married and with 2 kids, I still enjoy the experience every single time. And now I can manage to take home boxes of muffins as pasalubong! Hahaha!

 Just Homemade Yogurt Php 100.00
I love yogurt and make my own so this was a real treat!  The tartness and consistency was just right. A little probiotics is always good in the morning *wink*

Omelette and Toast with Pesto Php 260.00
I love the kick that the pesto gives to a seemingly ordinary omelette. 

 Tuna Melt Php 260.00
So CHEESingly good! A packed protein sandwich for sharing (if you are a lightweight eater like myself!)

Real Coffee's success is no big secret, they stuck to the formula of starting small....but executed it  exceptionally well. One thing endearing about the place is that you could really feel the LOVE and sense of FAMILY in every bite you take. The sweet smiles on the faces of their staff is a true testament of this. Their food is simple and honest. No frills, no pretentions, just good reliable home cooking that people keep on going back to. Now that's the REAL STORY!

Their menu is also available online : Real Coffee Boracay Menu

Station 2 (Above Sea World)
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Store Hours : 7 am -  7 pm
Phone : (036) 288 5340
Facebook :

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