BORACAY EDITION 2014 : The TRUTH about True Food

It's no surprise that True Food is always on the top of my list when it comes to places to eat in Boracay because I absolutely LOVE Indian Food (period). I have been dining in this restaurant since early 2000 and have been a fan ever since. I never leave the island without a mandatory visit here.

It is one of the pioneer restaurants in the island being around for more than two decades already. Their restaurant manager Bernadette also reveals that it hasn't had any major renovations since it opened and has maintained it's original structure. It's a two-storey Nipa hut restaurant which offers diners a "sit-on-the-floor" type of experience where they get to enjoy their meal on low tables with their legs folded and huge colorful pillows all around that serve as cushion just like how they do it in parts of India.

True Food offers a full range of authentic Indian cuisine from samosas to chicken masalas, lamb vindalos and aloo palaks (Potato and Spinach in Masala sauce), they have it all. They cater to omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike...come one, come all! 

It's one of the firsts restaurants in the island and has been around for 23 years. 

First Floor Dining Area.

The upper floor has pretty much the same set-up but personally I always like dining here more because you get a better view of the beach plus it is more intimate since you are not distracted by the people walking by the busy beach front path.

This is me enjoying the casual vibe and happily resting my back against a huge silk pillow as I perused through the menu. It took some time for me to decide because there were so much things I wanted to try out. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Thankfully, I got a little help from the manager who shared her own favorites and gave me great suggestions.

Salty Lassi Php 130.00
I usually order the sweetened lassi (yogurt shake) but this time wanted to try out something new and decided on the "salty" one instead. It was a little weird, the saltiness kind of throws your tastebuds off but when paired with the spicy dishes it really balanced and toned down the heat in my mouth. Will I try it again? Maybe not. I think I will stick to my sweetened one next time! Hahaha!

Pol Sambal Php 200.00
Grated Coconut + Dried Shrimp + Onions + Tomatoes (slightly fried with spices) 
I initially wanted the Tabouleh as my salad that night. Unfortunately they ran out of parsley so I had to settle for my second choice which was this. It was my first time to try it and boy I was thankful that the Tabouleh wasn't available because this was a delightful surprise! The citrus dressing, added zest that the squeeze of calamansi gave coupled with the amazing crunch of the fried coconut flakes truly tickled my tastebuds. This is something I will definitely order again. 

Hummus Php 200.00
Always my weakness. Every time I see hummus on the menu, I just feel like I have to order it (to think I always also make it at home). It's one dish that I will never get tired of. 

Biryani Rice 
Plain Biryani Rice
I decided to just go with a simple, not to fancy, rice dish to compliment and not overpower the already tasty dishes we ordered with it. I wanted to really savor the different sauces of the vegetable and chicken dish we ordered so the rice had to just play a supporting role. 

Aloo Matter Php 290.00
Potato with Green Peas in Masala Sauce with Yogurt

Chapati Php 140.00
Unleavened Bread of whole wheat flour

Chicken Madras Php 420.00
Chicken cooked in South Indian Traditional spices and flavored gravy
I'll give you a fair warning and say that this was spicy...phew! Be ready to sweat! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Good thing my salty lassie was there to combat the heat!

Gulab Jamun - Honey Balls Php 200.00
Deep fried milk dumplings served with warm rose flavored syrup
My mantra is always to leave room for dessert so this was the perfect way to end a glorious meal. I enjoyed the squashy soft texture of the milk balls soaked in the fragrantly unique and delicately sweet rose petal syrup. My husband and I had one each! What a treat!

The best time to visit here would be from late afternoon (around sunset) or dinner so you can enjoy the cool breeze of the sea as you lounge around, sip your lassie and bite into your savory samosa.

VERDICT : Entirely homey place with a casual, laid-back ambiance that serves food that warms the heart and feeds the soul. There is simply nothing like it on the island!

Beachfront, Station 2
Boracay Island, 5608 Malay,
Aklan, Philippines
Tel No. (036) 288 3142
E-mail :

Om Shanti,


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