Tayo na sa Antipolo Part 1 : Tipulo Modern Filipino Cuisine

Tipulo is a Modern Filipino restaurant located inside the First Pacific Leadership Academy along Sumulong Highway. They serve modern fusion cuisine in a very tranquil and relaxing open-air setting allowing you to appreciate nature the fresh Antipolo breeze.

They have quite an extensive menu composed of all time classic Filipino favorites. It took me awhile to narrow down my choices. I had to seek help from our server who happily suggested their new items and signature dishes. 

My little S enjoying her refreshing fresh grape shake 

The tired (he went around the grounds before our meal) and hungry little boy sipping his iced tea

Tinapa Lumpia Php 135.00
We started off our meal with these appetizers. Smoked Bangus flakes and vegetables spring roll served with spicy vinegar dipping sauce. The dynamic combo of smoked bangus and veggies to me is always a sure winner. As a starter though, I expected the size to be like the lumpiang shanghai (finger size in length and diameter) but they served it the large size so it was filling. I only had one because I wanted to make room for the rest. 

Sinigang na Baboy Php 300.00
Pork belly in tangy tamarind soup with native vegetables. * Note : I didn't sample the meat since I do not eat pork but I tried the soup and the vegetables. 
I'm so critical when it comes to sinigang because I make it at home every week and one particular thing I always look for is for the thickness of the soup. I like it cloudy and not clear because it tells you a lot about how the broth was made. A slow, gentle and long simmer results to this thick opaque consistency. Their broth passed that test! I may be biased but I like my soup to be overwhelmingly SOUR. This needed just a little bit more kick to it! Maybe I will I specify this next time. 

Boneless Chicken Inasal Php 215.00
Flame-grilled lemongrass and ginger marinated chicken fillets served with papaya atchara and spicy vinegar sauce. Chicken was grilled well and the meat was juicy and tender. My kids enjoyed this. 

Crispy Hito with Green Mango Salad Php 320.00
Deep Fried Catfish served with green mango salad and atchara

Bagoong Rice (for sharing) Php 165.00

Mango Cashew Torte Php 190.00
Layers of meringue, calamansi chiffon, rich custard topped with fresh mangoes
I can never get enough of mangoes so I had to try this signature dessert. It's like eating sansrival because of the crunchiness of the meringue with mangoes.  The thick layers of cream and custard accentuated the richness and flavor a tad bit sweet for my tastebuds. A few bites was enough for me! I had to get reinforcement from my husband who willingly finished the rest. 

They also sell their homemade goodies like Alfajor, Chocolate Crinkles and Meringue if you want some pasalubong to take back to Manila with you.

Tipulo is best for big groups (balikbayans, barkadas, etc) who are looking to enjoy a salu-salo meal in  an immensely serene and secluded setting. Their portions are huge and almost all meals (at least the ones I sampled) are for sharing. Prices are as friendly as their staff who were nothing short of accommodating. Diners can enjoy a refreshing experience of modern Filipino cuisine while enjoying a green ambiance that takes our mind away from the clutter and stress of the city.

Tara na sa Antipolo (Let's go to Antipolo),


First Pacific Leadership Academy
Km Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TipuloFPLA
Tel No. 02 632 8111 loc. 618

Directions/Landmark :  Pass Sumulong Highway and head towards Antipolo church. Before you reach the Church you see a GALAXY (Gas Station),  enter the First Pacific Leadership Academy compound and you will find the restaurant inside.


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