Tayo Na Sa Antipolo Part 3 : Pinto Museum

Since we already drove all the way there that Sunday, I decided to maximize and make the most out of the whole day. My friend and aunt mentioned about Pinto Museum being an interesting sight so we headed over there to check it out in between our lunch at Crescent Moon Cafe & Pottery Studio and merienda cena at Tipulo Filipino Modern Cuisine.

Pinto Museum houses priced modern art pieces by local artists in charmingly bucolic Mediterranean style structures. It was definitely our type of architecture ; whitewashed cement walls, massive rustic wooden doors, trellises and high ceiling. My husband and I took some serious notes on some areas that we want to use as pegs when we build our future house.

Amusing and somehow fitting for our two little rascals! Hahaha!

Love this shot of them on the mosaic cow

We chanced upon a small group listening to a talk about Social Realism at this biggest hall of the museum filled with paintings depicting the topic. This whole section focuses mainly in the everyday mundane conditions of the poor, working class and those who are critical of the social structures that maintain these conditions. I wanted to stay and listen to the professor's talk if not for my kids who couldn't stay put just yet... hopefully when they are older they will come to appreciate art in a deeper sense!

Grabbed the chance to have a quick family photo with some Ed Borlongan paintings in the background

VERDICT A fun and memorable afternoon of art and culture appreciation for both adults and kids alike. The 2 hours we spent was actually not enough. I would stay longer and maybe try out the Pinto Cafe next time. Totally worth it!


Pinto Art Museum 
Hours : Tuesdays-Sundays 9am-5pm
Entrance Fee : Php 150.00  and Php 75.00 for students (please bring a valid ID)
Photoshoot reservations : :http://www.jotform.me/pintoartmuseum/pintoartmuseumreservation


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