BORACAY EDITION 2014 : Cozina : A New Take on Spanish Cuisine

Cozina is located at the first floor of the  Zuzuni Boutique hotel at Station 1 Boracay. It started out as  Zuzuni , a Greek inspired restaurant when it first opened and then over a year ago transformed into a whole new concept Cozina which now serves fusion Spanish cuisine. Chef Jorge Martinez, now the Executive Chef, revamped the menu and put a spin on traditional Spanish favorites. According to him, the main challenge is to use and maximize the ingredients that are available in the island. His creativity is constantly put to test as he has to work with what is there to create new and exciting Spanish dishes. 

 Facade of the establishment

 Favorite words in the island : Happy Hour!

Modern and Minimalist look and feel inside

 Seared Mozzarella with Tomato Carpaccio topped with Minced Mangoes 
and Mushrooms in Truffle Oil Vinaigrette
Php 450.00 (full) / Php 260.00 (half)
Well-balanced flavor with a delightful play of different textures; the slight spongy texture of fresh tomatoes with the gooey creaminess of the cheese drizzled with the vinaigrette with a hint of truffle...delicioso! However, I may be a little biased because I love anything with tomatoes, 
cheese and truffle oil! Ha!

 Potato, Onion, Tomato and Tuna loin Ceviche Salad
Php 450.00 (full) / Php 240.00 (half)
A refreshingly unique salad. Only comment is that I would have wanted the tuna raw (sashimi-like) as opposed to seared to give the ceviche a fresher taste as it blends with the citrus dressing.

 *Fabada with Homemade Bread
Beans Stew with Pork Meat Chorizo, Paprika and Tomato Sauce
 Php 490.00
The group's favorite dish of all. The bean stew was bursting with flavor. You could taste how lovingly and gently the beans were cooked and simmered to achieve that nice thick and rich consistency. The three kinds of homemade bread (the charcoal one stood out!) was indeed a perfect match to this hearty Asturian stew. Thumbs up!

 Crab Paella
 Php 1200.00 / Php 700.00
Rice (they used three different kinds for this special dish!) was cooked al dente with the flavors of the peppers really accentuating the whole dish. The extra squeeze of lemon juice really toned down it down and brought out the delicately sweet taste of the crab.

 Geometric Brownie
 Php 290.00
I'm not really a fan of brownies so I did not enjoy this as much as my companions did. 

 Chocolate Truffles Mousse
 Php 290.00
Ended the meal on these sweet notes. The truffle mousse is my pick!

Our group (from L-R : Moi, the hubby J, Chef Jordi, JP and Kate) shot with Cozina's 
Executive Chef Jorge Martinez 
Station 1, Boracay Island
Balabag, Malay
Aklan, Philippines
(036) 288 4477

We will be back again and maybe try out a pitcher (or two!) of their Sangria as well! :)




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