Aquaknox Bar and Lounge : Everything from the Name is Lame!

The name Aquaknox itself was kind of questionable because it didn't quite fit a name for a vietnamese bar and restaurant. It sounds more like a spa or a gym (close to Equinox) more than anything else. Nevertheless, we wanted to give it a fair shot. It proved to be an unwise choice because I was two other fellow New York educated chefs (Am and Lisa) with me that night (aside from my hubby and another good friend Karla). We were all very critical about everything from the interiors, to the whole ambiance  and ofcourse more importantly the food. The restaurant failed in all the three aspects. The interiors and ambiance didn't match the Vietnamese concept they were promoting. The food was mediocre. In other words, it was our first and last visit. We, the judges for the night, have spoken and its a complete failure (sorry to be harsh!).

"Goi Tom Cuon" Fresh Prawn Springrolls (Php 145.00) - with lettuce, mint, cilantro leaves and peanut sauce. It was just "ok". I've had better.

"Pho with Raw Beef Brisket" (Php 250.00) - traditional vietnamese noodle soup with rice noodle, beef brisket, scallions, onions, bean sprouts and mint herbs. The broth lacked the richness and taste of many hours of boiling beef bones and meat...the brisket was tender though (one point on that!).

Condiments to go with the Pho

"Cua Rang Moui Toi" - Chef Danny's Special Crab (Php 850.00)- medium pan roasted crab with garlic and special sauce 

The crab entree was the only saving grace but it sure isn't not enough to make us go back there again. Everything else was just too lame. 

Our collective suggestion, start by changing the NAME...

Aquaknox Restaurant
800 Arnaiz Ave (formerly Pasay Road)
Makati City, Philippines


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