Mister Donut's New Creation: Donut's N' Dip : Think Donut "Yan Yan"- style

Yanyan, the famous Meiji brand Japanese snack is one of my favorite cheat snacks ever since I can remember. I'm not fond of sweets so much but it's one thing I crave for once in a while (if not Yanyan, it's Hello Panda!). For those not familiar with it (shame on you! haha!) it's a tubular package with two compartments, one for the biscuit sticks and the other one for the chocolate/strawberry/yogurt frosting which serves as the dip. 

Yesterday, my husband Joel introduced me to this new Mister Donut product which was launched last week because he knew very well how much I love Yanyan. He was just certain that I would love this  donut version. 

Donut's N' Dip : a paper cup which like Yanyan has 2 compartments - one side is tightly packed with 5 mini honey glazed donut sticks and the other for the luscious and creamy Belgian chocolate dip. Pretty cool! I got a stick and dunked it on the rich and creamy dip, making sure that the tip of the stick was generously covered with that belgian goodness. Ooooh! So sweet yet so good! I honestly think though that it would work if the donut sticks were kept plain instead of glazed because the dip is sweet enough...just a thought. I'm not saying it wasn't great because I finished all the sticks and licked the dip to the last drop! Yum!

Mister Donut's Donut's N' Dip (Php 45) :
Hey mister, mister that's a DONUT! (sing with me!)

The Original Meiji Yanyan
Calling my fellow Meiji Yanyan and Donut lovers out there, this is a must try! 

*Available at all Mister Donut outlets! *


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