Dessert Stop at Serenitea

Right after our chicken wing adventure at Chicken Charlie, I told Joel that since we were in the area already, we might as well try the milk tea place that a lot of my tea-loving friends have been raving about...Serenitea. It was about a few streets down from Charlie's. I wanted to just take it out while Joel waited inside the car. The place was very chill with yellow, bright green and black interiors. I went to the counter and was delighted with the long list of tea choices. 

I asked the girl what their best-sellers are and she said the Hokkaido and Okinawa milk tea. But then she said the Hokkaido tastes like chocolate and the other one tastes close to caramel. Hmmm...i want my drink to taste like TEA...not chocolate or caramel! So I took a chance and ordered their Royal Milk Tea because she said its their basic tea with milk (Php 90). You also get to choose the sweetness level (the amount of sugar added to your drink - no sugar, 25%, etc.) I decided to go for the standard which is full sugar scoop. And your last choice would be to put pearls, nata, pudding, etc. I just wanted all pearls since chewing gooey and sticky sago is the real highlight of drinking bubble tea for me!

Inside the car with my Royal Milk Tea with Pearls...just pearls. A refreshing and calming drink for dessert! I'll definitely be back for more. I wish they would open somewhere closer to Ortigas though! My sister said that they have one in San Juan so I will check out that branch real soon :)

N. Roxas St., Banawe, Quezon City


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