Brunch at Sarabeth's

I was having pancakes and strawberries for breakfast this morning and I just remembered that the last time I had this combination was a few weeks ago when I met up with some friends at Sarabeth's. I've been wanting to check out that place in a long time because I've seen good reviews on it. I actually read about their award-winning "legendary spreadable fruit" in a website once and was instantly intrigued with the place. similarly, I see their products in the local grocery (though I've never really bothered buying them because we are not big on jams/spreads at home). So when my friend Am said that she wanted to meet us there for brunch, I was thrilled.

The place was packed. Country chic interiors, small tables beside each other, very "upper east side" kind of place...that's how I will describe it. People were waiting outside but we had to squeeze in because it was a bit chilly and I didn't want Henri to be cold. We struggled to find a spot and ended up waiting in front of the pastry counter right when you enter. They told us that the wait was about 15 minutes but it took more like 45 minutes to get a table. Christina came right in time. We finally got a table upstairs. We were all starving and were eager to order. I already knew I wanted pancakes so I got their lemon ricotta pancakes with strawberries because I read that this was voted the best lemon pancakes in a blog. Am and Christina ordered their open face omelette with tomatoes, sauteed onions, spinach and mozarella and Joel (who at that time was still at his diet) ordered their soup of the day (clam chowder).

My plate had 4 fluffy and light pancakes with a hint of lemon. I didn't taste much of the ricotta but the sprinkle of powdered sugar and fresh strawberry slices compensated for it. The rest of the dishes were pretty,hmmm...mediocre. Am and I agreed that the omelettes were bland and lacked seasoning.

I walked out there wondering what accounted for the "line outside the door" because I certainly wouldn't go back and wait that long for that quality of food. Maybe we should have just bought their jams/preserves (that's what they are most known for anyway!).

Sarabeth's East
1295 Madison Ave. (bet. 92nd and 93rd St.)
New York, New York
(212) 410-7335


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